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Paul Merrell

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  • CirrusSearch is a new search engine for MediaWiki. The Wikimedia Foundation is migrating to CirrusSearch since it features key improvements over the previously used search engine, LuceneSearch. This page describes the features that are new or different compared to the past solutions.
  • 1 Frequently asked questions 1.1 What's improved? 2 Updates 3 Search suggestions 4 Full text search 4.1 Stemming 4.2 Filters (intitle:, incategory: and linksto:) 4.3 prefix: 4.4 Special prefixes 4.5 Did you mean 4.6 Prefer phrase matches 4.7 Fuzzy search 4.8 Phrase search and proximity 4.9 Quotes and exact matches 4.10 prefer-recent: 4.11 hastemplate: 4.12 boost-templates: 4.13 insource: 4.14 Auxiliary Text 4.15 Lead Text 4.16 Commons Search 5 See also
  • Stemming In search terminology, support for "stemming" means that a search for "swim" will also include "swimming" and "swimmed", but not "swam". There is support for dozens of languages, but all languages are wanted. There is a list of currently supported languages at; see their documentation on contributing to submit requests or patches.
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  • See also Full specifications in the browser tests
    Lots of new tricks to learn on sites using MediaWiki as folks update their installations, I'm not a big fan of programs written in PHP and Javascript, but they're impossible to avoid on the Web. So is MediaWiki, so any real improvements help.  
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