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Paul Merrell

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started by Paul Merrell on 16 Jun 10
  • Paul Merrell
    Folks, I apologize for the recent spate of spam bookmarks in the Future of the Web group. The only pattern I've been able to discern is that all of the spammers were people who had just registered with Diigo and had no history of previous bookmarks in this or other Diigo groups. This has been a pattern not only with recent spammers but for many months.

    I detest having to do this, but I will stop approving membership requests for folks who fit that profile. This will undoubtedly block some who are not spammers from posting to the group until they develop some Diigo history in other groups indicating that they are not spammers. There are many open Diigo groups where people may do that.

    While I do not mind deleting the occasional spam bookmark, I do not wish to inflict email notifications of such posts upon the rest of you.

    I will also dig into Diigo's moderation features to see if there is a way to moderate only new group members.

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