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Ako Z°om

Alpha 2 website in wordpress engine in progress Help or mutual ?... - 2 views

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started by Ako Z°om on 05 Jun 10
  • Ako Z°om
    I would like some critics, help or needs to make the fA new site in a better use than the alpha1 whcih has been abandonned coz of no use ... (just links).
    alpha2 is made for central feedings in 1 site, but also to be a reactive middle to express and add propositions. Some add-ons are to be made, but one solution for the interactivity is to use the diigo tool "public or group sticky notes"... Also i ask you to try the site (no artciles at all but beginnings, design will be achieved after usage (it is the way : having an engine, then having a design adapted to it !).
    Thanks for your interests, and may you come to try ... ?? ;)

    buddypress could be added but it may be once more of community netgame and not useful at alll as there is a facebook one and this diigo add on inside. SMF (a forum could be integrated too... a bridge exists to have only 1 subscription for the 2 sites... but ? is it useful as there is this diigo too ?
    may be to integrate diigo inside the site seems easier ... the very motivated people could be on diigo for the links searching and up to find , yep, it appears to be easier to use diigo (you think it too ?)
    annotations/forum/community and all the back links there, ... the alpha2 is to be the presentation, an e-mag for all the feeds as diigo manages the title-links, and can annotate the contents: those are presented on alpha 2 ... !

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