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Yoginder Aggarwal

World's Largest Liger - 1 views

    Do you know what's a Liger?
    It's a cross breed of a Male Lion and Female Tiger...
    He looks like something from a Prehistoric Age or a Fantastic Creation from Hollywood.
    Part Lion and Part Tiger, he is not just a Big Cat but a Huge One, standing 10ft tall on his back legs.
Yoginder Aggarwal

It Is Just A Joke: Lion Escaped in India - 0 views

    Unbelievable !
    Suddenly a nervous looking LION came out of no where...
    Workers freaked out, jumping over each other, some locking themselves up in Cars,
    But one Brave Guy took the picture of this Lion without making a soundand there was the SHOCK when the Lion turned around...nobody could believe it !
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