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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Justin Smith

Justin Smith

collaborative media - 0 views

    • Justin Smith
      Week 2 Project
    Definition: "Collaborative media" is the term we use to refer to digital media that enables broad-range participation where the distinctions between production, consumption and design are dissolving. Read the open-access article Designing Collaborative Media: A Challenge for CHI? as an introduction to the concept.
Justin Smith

Digital Literacy Definition and Resources - 0 views

    What is Digital Literacy? The ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information. 1 The ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers. 2  A person's ability to perform tasks effectively in a digital environment... Literacy includes the ability to read and interpret media, to reproduce data and images through digital manipulation, and to evaluate and apply new knowledge gained from digital environments. 3
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