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Alberto Adrián Schiano - Love Learning - Open Learning - Online learning - take public and pr... - 2 views

    Free on-line learning (Univ.Wales)
    Estudios gratuitos en linea (Univ. Gales)
    3 month curses at your onw pace
    Cursos de 3 meses a tu propio ritmo
Alberto Adrián Schiano

SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy - 0 views

    "is built by people who care about privacy and freedom."
    Facil intercambio ... "hecho por gente que se interesa en la privacia y la libertad."
    sort of Dropbox but opensource - tipo Dropbox pero cogido abierto
Alberto Adrián Schiano

BookMooch: a community for exchanging used books (book swap and book exchange and book ... - 0 views

    Free exchange, between groups, of physical books
    Intercambio gratuito de libros materiales entre grupos.
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