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Alberto Adrián Schiano

Cockos Incorporated | LICEcap - 0 views

    Create GIF animations just by moving at your screen
    Crear animaciones GIF con solo moverse por la pantalla
Alberto Adrián Schiano | Okozo Flash Background 4 Windows Desktop - 2 views

    Free Animated Desktop Backgrounds- not for Win XP
    Fondos de escritorio gratuitos animados- no para Win XP
Alberto Adrián Schiano

Doctor Who Online: The Infinite Quest (La Búsqueda Infinita) - 0 views

    Special animated Doctor Who videos
    Videos especiales animados de Doctor Who
Alberto Adrián Schiano

Animation Library | Coleccion de Animaciones - 0 views

    Free animated GIFs
    GIFs animados gratuitos
Diego Morelli

Open Source Movies & Animations, Remixable Films & the Mash-up Culture - 0 views

    The Open philosophy as applied to movies & animations deals with three related concepts:

    * open, collaborative projects maintained by a community;
    * open source software;
    * the copyleft / public domain side of the digital rights spectrum.
yc c

Vue7 Personal Learning Edition - 0 views

shared by yc c on 10 Feb 09 - Cached
    Free Personal Learning Edition

    The Free Personal Learning Edition (PLE) is a fully functionnal version of Vue 7 Infinite/xStream (selection of Infinite or xStream is done during installation). With the PLE, you can:

    * Create complete projects, save your work and export to other applications,
    * Render stills and animations without size/length limit,
    * Experience Vue's power directly inside Max/Maya/LightWave/Cinema4D/XSI,
    * Learn at your own pace (the PLE never expires)!

    The PLE is for personal, non-commercial use only, files cannot be exchanged with other PLE users and are not compatible with other versions of Vue, renders may be watermarked and carry a logo.
Alberto Adrián Schiano

Animated Origami diagrams for flapping bird and crane (tsuru) - 0 views

    Learn to do origamis (paper foldings) in the easiest way (and clearest)
    Aprender a hacer origamis (doblado de papel) de la forma mas facil y clara

Alberto Adrián Schiano

GIF Animator - 0 views

    Unsoported Microsoft Gif Animator
    Animador de Gif de Microsoft ya no representado

Alberto Adrián Schiano

Desktop Earth - Reviews and free downloads at - 0 views

    See the actual Earth from space with actual clouds updates and snow, etc.
    Ver la actual Tierra desde el espacio con nubes reales actualizables y nieve, etc.

Alberto Adrián Schiano

Punk Software - RocketDock - 0 views

    The nicest application launcher with lots of improvements and very customizable
    El mas bonito lanzador de aplicaciones con miles de mejoras y muy configurable

Alberto Adrián Schiano

Berry Linux - Bootable CD Linux <Yui's Laboratory> - 1 views

    New Linux Live CD with 3D desktop Berryl and based on RedHat
    Nuevo Linux Live CD con escritorio 3D Berryl y basado en RedHat

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