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Bobe Foster

Can You Really Dominate Mafia Wars With Mafia Wars Cheats? - 8 views

    The great thing about computer games is the fact that they always have some secret codes and cheats that are built right into it. If you've ever searched online for Facebook's Mafia Wars cheats, you would have found a lot of sites claiming to have all these great cheats and codes. You can easily find scripts that claim to help automate the game. Some of the scripts out there claim that they will send invites to friends in the fight window. The script isn't perfect though, so players can often advance a lot faster by using great strategies instead of using Mafia War cheats. Of course if you want the easy way and advance much faster with cheats, you can check out the complete how-to Mafia Wars cheats.
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    Thanks for the cool information...:P
    Yes you can. I've read this recent post from a random blog and their providing cheat sheets. Don't know where and what site to get it or perhaps can you name some? This would help a lot thanks!
    I think in these games, we don't need the codes and cheats, such as these girls dress up games: Maybe they are just for children.:)
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