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Vicki Davis

Manitou Technology - Flat Classroom 12-2a 400 - 0 views

    A fantastic example of how a teacher takes his students through the video creation process for Flat Classroom along with some wonderful handouts. If you teach video, you will get some ideas here. Students will also benefit from it.
Kyle Correa

Computers, the internet, and cheating among secondary school students: some i... - 0 views

  • This article investigates in greater depth one particular aspect of cheating within secondary education and some implications for measuring academic achievement. More specifically, it examines how secondary students exploit the Internet for plagiarizing schoolwork, and looks at how a traditional method of educational assessment, namely paper-based report and essay writing, has been impacted by the
  • mputer skills among secondary school students. One of the conclusions is that students’ technology fluency is forcing educators to revisit conventional assessment methods. Different options for combating Internet plagiarism are presented, and some software tools as well as non-technology solutions are evaluated in light of the problems brought about by “cyberplagiarism.”
  • growth of Internet usage and the proliferation of co
Angela S

Flat Classroom 11-3 Project - How the World Wide Web has Changed the World - 0 views

    2f group page.
Cortney K

students using ipads in school - Google Search - 0 views

    students use their ipad in school to learn. great way to show people that they are getting used during class to help further education again.
Cortney K

Google Image Result for - 0 views

    another image to go along with mobile and ubiquitous. it shows an iPhone and there is a Safari (web/internet) app
Cortney K

Education Week: Schools Open Doors to Students' Mobile Devices - 0 views

  • were free not only to bring their mobile devices to school, but also to use them—at their teachers’ discretion—to connect to the school’s wireless network to do their work.
  • The students do see [a smartphone] as a potential learning tool
  • “There’s an appropriate time to use the device and not use the device. If I’m teaching and lecturing, you should not have that device out. If you get it out while I’m teaching or lecturing, you’re going to lose your privacy and have to go back to pencil and paper.”
    Gives an example of a school who is going to give students the chance to use their mobile device during school hours. They will later have a catch up story to see whether they thought it was a success or not
Cortney K

Flat Classroom 11-3 Project - Topics - 0 views

    topic page
Cortney K

Flat Classroom 11-3 Project - Story - 0 views

    Group 9A, making a video, telling the story.
Michelle L

Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society - Naomi Klein - 0 views

  • Logo has been described as setting the agenda for the anti-globalization movement, which helped to shut down the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting.
  • consequences of the culture of "global branding
  • practice of branding sells a kind of fake spirituality
    Naomi Klein talks about Globalizaiton and Outsoucing
Marissa K

Flattener - 4 views

  • The second steroid
  • The third steroid
  • The fourth steroid
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • The fifth steroid:
  • The sixth steroid:
  • The Steroids: Digital, Mobile, Personal, and Virtual
  • These steroids made it possible for all forms of collaboration – outsourcing, offshoring, open-sourcing, supply-chaining, and in-forming – to come together
  • The first steroid
    The six steroids. more information.
Cortney K

About the Author | Thomas L. Friedman - 0 views

    thomas friedman the author of the world is flat, his biography
Cortney K

Computer History Museum - Timeline of Computer History - 0 views

  • AT&T designed its Dataphone, the first commercial modem
    • Cortney K
      Look at our century now and compare it to back then. As seen here in the 1960's it was just an ordinary phone, like our grandparents might have in their attic its not just a button push to dial, here it is a dial you spin to get to the numbers.
  • Wozniak´s "blue box", Steve Wozniak built his "blue box" a tone generator to make free phone calls.
    • Cortney K
      1972, Wozniak built his "blue box" a tone generator to make free phone calls. Now you need to pay to make calls and prices vary to wheter you are making a local call or international
  • The Mosaic web browser is released. Mosaic was the first commercial software that allowed graphical access to content on the internet.
    • Cortney K
      Eventually in 1993 the Mosaic web brower was released and it allowed graphical access to content on the internet. Now, we do not need a computer to get access to the Internet, we have our smartphones, ereaders, ipads, etc.
Cortney K

Google Image Result for - 0 views

    This is an image that shows that mobile connectivity is useful during conferences. People get to search what others are saying to get a more basic, general idea. While others are talking about topics people can go onto their mobile device and see how accurate it is and have stuff to say to back it up
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