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Barry Tyler

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started by Barry Tyler on 18 Feb 12
  • Barry Tyler
    There's no doubt that majority of people will have seen or heard of the iPad 2 in some form. Apple releases always produce a lot of buzz. Apple buffs could be the cause of this or is it truly that their releases are so good? Coming from someone who is indifferent, I'd say it's a bit of the two. Following on one year from when the first iPad was launched, the iPad 2 is now in the market. Hence, if you bought the original model, I will now share my opinion on if you should consider changing to the iPad 2.

    As for the physical size, the iPad 2 is a lot smaller in size than the first iPad. The screen size has remained the same at a nice 9.7 inches; nevertheless, the thickness of the second iPad has been reduced by one third of the original size, which of course is a good thing. The weight of the iPad 2 has also seen a decrease with it now weighing in on the scales at six hundred grams. Light by any measures. I've held both an iPad and an iPad 2 and I must say there is an evident deviation in its feel. Any thought you may have that it will not perform as well, because of the size modifications, could not be more incorrect.

    In comparison to the first model, the iPad 2 is speedier. The graphics processor is claimed by Apple to be 9 times speedier than the original iPad. If that is right, it is a huge step forward. The reasoning behind this is deu to new cameras and what is necessary for games. An A5 chip would mean that Apple likewise now has a processor that is a lot faster. The reason for it being fast is because the iPad 2 possesses a dual core A5 processing chip. I definitely found it was a lot faster, even with a lot of apps working in the background. Loading time is faster and I notice this when using the web and video functions on both iPads.

    The availability of the iPad 2 has also caused the inclusion of two cameras. The first camera is on the front side and the other is on the rear side. If you care for the idea of having a camera, then you will embrace this change of stance considering when the iPad was originally released, there were no cameras. A slightly better capability of one of the cameras is the ability to shoot in 720p HD. FaceTime and PhotoBooth are two new additions to the iPad which give you the ability to make video calls and snap great photos, respectively. The front camera positions you face-to-face when video calling through FaceTime whereas the iPad's back camera shows your surroundings.

    If you can afford it and wish the new quicker processing times then upgrading from the first iPad to iPad 2 probably makes sense. Although the upgrades are an improvement, it's nothing significant, apart from perhaps the camera which is a brand new inclusion.

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