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Meri Walker

The Journalist's Guide to Twitter - 0 views

  • Start as a listener. It’s OK to start following people and just treat Twitter as something like the AP Wires. Don’t be discouraged because you only care about 1% of people’s tweets. You don’t cancel the AP Wires because you don’t care about the Lottery numbers from Kentucky.
    • Meri Walker
      This is such good advice. I really don't think we really understand what Twitter is going to "do" to us as human beings. It's a whole new way to give and receive the "news." And the news changes as our needs and interests change in our present environmetns. It's going to take awhile to shift paradigms and habits... to something that works and is sustainable.
    Useful list of ways journalists are using Twitter.
dolors reig

Facilitación en Comunidades o Redes sociales online: Howard Rheingold | El ca... - 0 views

    Por si alguien aún no ha oído hablar de él, Howard Rheingold es un importante escritor y crítico sobre los aspectos económicos y socioculturales de
Brand Ideas

Welcome to - 0 views

    Social Network for teachers
    Uskoob is a site committed to Teachers, Join the social network, Upload and share resources. Have fun with others in your profession from across the world.
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