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Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

26.08.09: EU mission caught in Serbian, Kosovar crossfire - 0 views

  • EULEX, the EU's mission in Kosovo, is experiencing difficult times as more than 20 of its vehicles were overturned and damaged by ethnic Albanian extremists yesterday (25 August). Moreover, Serbs living in the northern part of the province have demanded the departure of the Union's representatives.
  • An agreement to be signed between EULEX and Belgrade, designed to help solve a 'visa problem' for Serbian nationals, apparently became an irritant for Albanian extremists, who overturned 28 SUV cars belonging to the EU mission in the capital Pristina.  Many Albanian Kosovars insisted that it was up to Kosovo, not EULEX, to sign any international agreements
  • The Serbian authorities however have also come under fire of Serbian extremis circles, who claim that its signing the agreement amounts to the recognition of Kosovo by Belgrade. "The only goal of the agreement is to have an adequate exchange of information with EULEX, in the goal of stopping all possible incidents and conflicts in the province," said Goran Bogdanović, Serbian minister for Kosovo. He made clear that the agreement was needed to allow Brussels to lift visa requirements for Serbian nationals, and expressed hope that the document would be signed soon. 
Prof. Dr  Wolfgang Schumann

09.12.08: EU Launches Kosovo Police Mission, EULEX - 1 views

  • Since the morning of December 9, we are to be present in the (Serb-dominated) north, in the south, and all over Kosovo. We are to have more than 100 people in the north, including policemen, the prosecutors, the judges, customs officers and the customs department,” declared Kermabon. The announcement from EULEX says that around 1,400 people international staff and some hundreds of local personnel from EULEX will have at its disposal the necessary number of workers for its initial operation.
  • Kermabon declared that starting from December 9, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, is to end its mission, and EULEX is to be installed. “UNMIK switched off and EULEX switched on,” he told Balkan Insight.
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