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Gregorio Atkinson

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started by Gregorio Atkinson on 17 Apr 12
  • Gregorio Atkinson
    The more you invest, the higher your profits is going to be. Thus, the higher your annual income will be.

    All investments are associated with some risk. So, you have to be willing to lose all or the vast majority of your investment. The goal is to brew a profit, but not absolutely everyone achieves that goal.

    Another consideration is the quality of time that you are prepared to spend tracking the trends and finding out how to spot good entry together with exit points. If you will be a "newbie", you ought to attend seminars, read books, talk with other investors or find other options for information. As with the rest in life, the more knowledge you might have, the more successful you can be.

    New software has made it easier for people with little or no experience that you follow the trends and help make successful trades. But, not surprisingly, the software costs money plus it takes time to learn how to use it. So, that's another consideration.

    If you have money to invest, upper body and finally trading without quitting your entire day job. Hourly monitoring is usually unnecessary. This is not day-trading.

    Once we follow the trends, we might hold a position for months or simply years. On the standard, the position is kept for three to six months.

    While successful trading does take more time, it is not necessary to sit facing a computer screen round the clock. Many successful investors manage their trades inside an hour per day.

    So, it doesn't restrict their career or their leisure activities. With automated trading signals on their PCs, laptops and mobile phones, they could be virtually anywhere, as long as there is a cell phone signal, nonetheless make a successful deal.

    Trend trading is not the most exciting thing that you ever do. In truth, the most successful potential traders put their emotions with hold. Watching daily peaks and valleys can be nerve-wracking.

    The last account is how long it is possible to hold a position, without selling. If you need a regular weekly paycheck, you still need your entire day job, but that's okay. Trend trading is some sort of part-time career, anyway.
    I was reading an article recently which maintained not necessarily possible to make money stock investing. Naturally this piqued my own interest because I day trade to get a living and last time period I looked I had been doing OK.

    The posting began by making the very valid point that most day trading articles are not written by traders at all, but rather they are written by people marketing systems with hypothetical track records created with the main benefit of hindsight.

    That's absolutely true.

    It is equally true of articles about every other trading style in commodity futures, stocks, forex together with options. Whether it is usually covered calls, trend following with the extra special absolutely never seen before new sign, swing trading, pairs dealing, spread trading, or selling naked options, or some other style, it will often have a hypothetical track log. trading psychology, trading for a living reviewHow many times maybe you have said to yourself, "I'd like to stop this job and just earn a living trading in the share market"? Well, maybe you can, BUT...

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