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Bonnie Sutton

STEM Equity Pipeline - 3 views

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started by Bonnie Sutton on 18 Jun 11
  • Bonnie Sutton

    As a past president of the National Academy of Engineering put it, "A
    consequence of lack of diversity...[is that] we pay an opportunity cost, a
    cost in designs not thought of, in solutions not produced." Thus, in an
    effort to increase the diversity of the Science, Technology, Engineering and
    Mathematics (STEM) workforce, STEM Equity Pipeline was developed. The
    "Online Resources" section of their website offers visitors a wide variety
    of resources, including "pamphlets/brochures", "posters", "scholarships" and
    "videos". The "Curriculum" resource is particularly rich and it offers over
    50 websites that contain single activities, whole lesson plans or hands-on
    explorations. Some of the titles visitors might find valuable are "Some
    Disassembly Required", which employs reverse engineering (or taking things
    apart) to learn how they work, "Teaching Tool for Introductory Programming
    Concepts", to teach students computer programming in a 3D environment, and
    "Home Science Adventures", science lessons and plans for home- schoolers.

    To find this resource and more high-quality online resources in math and
    science visit Scout's sister site - AMSER, the Applied Math and Science
    Educational Repository at

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