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Bonnie Sutton

Shared Tools for Teachers - 4 views

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started by Bonnie Sutton on 04 Aug 11
  • Bonnie Sutton
  • Bonnie Sutton
    The Shared Learning Collaborative is a new, state-led project the Gates foundation is helping to fund. Think of it as a huge app store-just for teachers-with the Netflix and Facebook capabilities we love the most. It's something that enables teachers to communicate with each other, to share applications and tools, and to give their students differentiated instruction-all aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Bonnie Sutton
    _As part of the Top 100 Tools activity that I run, I analysed the way people are using their online social networks, and it so much more than just for having fun with friends, people are using them for more significant professional activities. For example
    -to ask questions of their colleagues and answer their questions
    -to share and receive ideas, resources and experiences
    -to solve problems and brainstorm together
    -to keep up to date with what their colleagues are doing and thinking
    -to learn from them in many different ways - sometimes even without even realising it!
    And definitely check out the Top 100 Tools page. This is my #1 place to learn about new tools and figure out what will work best for my classes:

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