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Ant Heald

Words of the World (from Nottingham University) - 1 views

    Clever people talk on video about interesting words. What's not to like?
Ant Heald

The blog formerly known as English Language @SFX - 0 views

    • Ant Heald
      Interesting: To me, 'voice calls' contrasts with 'texts' as a function of mobile phone use, rather than video calls.
  • Anglocreep is a word for the gentle drift of British English terms into the US English vernacular -
    • Ant Heald
      I think it's widely assumed that there is one-way traffic, with 'Americanism' coming into British English, so it's interesting to note that it cuts both ways.
  • Essex
    • Ant Heald
      But we won't hold that against it.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Language is clearly being affected in different ways by advances in technology
    • Ant Heald
      This is a useful demonstration of how, for ENGB3 as a synoptic unit, links between AS social contexts from ENGB1 (such as technology) and the ENGB3 language change topic can be very productive.
  • The blog
    • Ant Heald
      Written by the wonderful Dan Clayton! Doyen of the English Language List, & editor & author of some great English Language text books and stuff.
  • The Guardian has been running some really useful material for ENGA2 recently
    • Ant Heald
      Also useful, of course for ENGB1 (gender), ENGB2 & ENGB4 (style models for original writing & media text - where language is a focus - and possible data/ideas for inverstigation), and ENGB3 - changing language use in representation of gender.
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