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Jessica Murphy

Semi-Interactive Webcomic - 0 views

    My coworker sent this to me a while ago to see my reaction. This comic responds to the user's movements on the page. If you're jumpy, you've been warned!
Benjamin Myers

Video: Inventing on Principle - 0 views

    The previous post referenced in "Connect With Your Creation Through a Real-Time Editor"
Benjamin Myers

Connect With Your Creation Through a Real-Time Editor - 0 views

    I thought this might be interesting, especially as we head toward the section of the class where we discuss games. Here is an excerpt from the default blurb: "Victor has worked on experimental UI concepts at Apple and also created the interactive data graphics for Al Gore's book, Our Choice. In the talk Victor showed off a demo of a great real-time game editor that makes your existing coding tools look primitive at best."
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