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Hans De Keulenaer

Hydro's Untapped Potential | Renewable Energy World North America Magazine Article - 0 views

  • Canada, home to about 475 hydroelectric plants with a capacity of 70,000 MW, produces about 355 terawatt-hours of hydropower each year. But Canada's untapped potential is far greater.

    According to a study commissioned by the Canadian Hydropower Association, Canada has 163,000 MW of untapped hydropower potential, more than twice the country's existing hydropower capacity.

    This story is surprising. Is there an untapped potential for hydro?
Hans De Keulenaer

Pumped Hydro: Is it TOO Green? | PeteSinger - 1 views

    Applies to both hydro reservoirs (i.e. water pooled behind a dam) and hydro pools filled with pumped-hydro. Note that the latter, pumped-hydro, already carries the emissions profile of the energy used to power the turbine pumping the water against gravity, scaled up for conversion efficiency losses.
Phil Slade

Hydrovolts - 3 views

    "New Clean Technology to Generate Renewable Energy from
    Canals, Waterways, Spillways, Rivers, Streams, and Tidal Currents

    Hydrovolts offers new in-stream hydrokinetic turbines for
    distributed energy generation around the world.
    Featured on video by US Department of Energy Technology Assistance Program
    Large File! Right click link above and save to your computer for best playback.
    Videos now online at YouTube Hydrovolts"
Phil Slade

Mini-hydro: a step-by-step guide - 2 views

    "Mini-hydro: a step-by-step guide
    This Guide is designed to assist anyone in the UK who is planning to develop a small-scale hydro-electric scheme"
Phil Slade

L'île d'El Hierro (11000 habitants) autonome en énergie grâce au couple hydro... - 0 views

    ""Wind and water: the perfect synergy" - With great ascents and high wind energy potential (Trade Winds), El Hierro proves to be a very suitable place for the implementation of a Wind-Hydro power station; it is also the first Wind-Hydro power station that will be providing close to 80% of the electricity demand of a totally isolated area.
    The major advantage of such a combination is that the system can overcome the usual problems of discontinuity and power fluctuation caused by the intermittent characteristic of the wind resource. When the energy produced by the wind farm exceeds the demand, the surplus is used to pump desalinated water in a reservoir situated 700 m above sea level."
Colin Bennett

Video: A river runs through it, and power comes out - 2 views

  • RER and its partners will demonstrate the TREK technology, a modular, covered, self-anchoring and highly robust river turbine. This technology can be used to provide baseload, dispatchable or remote electricity. The project will see the installation of two 250 kilowatt-rated TREK turbines in the St. Lawrence River, near the Old Port of Montreal, by the end of 2010
Phil Slade

Eling Tide Mill - 2 views

    "Eling Tide Mill


    Eling Tide Mill is a water mill that harnesses the power of the tide to grind wheat into wholemeal flour.

    Situated on the edge of Southampton Water beside the renowned New Forest, there has been a mill on the site for over 900 years.

    It was abandoned in the 1940s, but had the good fortune to survive until it was restored between 1975 and 1980, at which time it re-opened as both a working mill, and a museum to this part of our industrial heritage. It is the one of the only fully working and productive tide mill in the United Kingdom producing flour as it had throughout the last Millennium and one of only a handful of mills in the entire world producing flour on a regular basis."
Phil Slade

Isle of Eigg - Eigg Electric - 1 views

    "On 1st February 2008, the Isle of Eigg entered a new era, with the switching on of our island electrification project, which makes 24 hour power available for the first time to all residents and businesses on the island. Until then we were entirely dependent upon making our own power and the clattering of generators was always to be heard. Now, the generators are silent and suddenly we have leapt to the forefront of electricity generation using renewable energy resources. Our project is a world leader in the integration of multiple renewable energy sources into a grid system to supply an isolated and scattered small community. "
Colin Bennett

How to Build a Small-Scale Hydroelectric Generator - 2 views

  • After we saw how to produce electricity using magnets or wind power, it is time to talk about those people who live near a river.

    In this case, the best way to produce electricity is represented by a small-scale hydroelectric generator made at home. Often called as a low-impact hydro, micro-hydro or run-of-stream hydro generator, this system is not very hard to build.

Colin Bennett

Hydropower map - England and Wales - 0 views

  • We have produced a report and map showing the hydropower opportunities in England and Wales and the environmental sensitivities associated with exploiting them.
Andrew McDonald

Scottish Gas and Electricity - 0 views

    Scottish Hydro Electric offer some innovative schemes for supplying green electricity and gas to homes and business. Scottish Hydro is part of Scottish and Southern Energy-the largest generator of renewable energy in the UK.
Hans De Keulenaer

The Oil Drum | A North American Energy Plan for 2030: Hydro-electricity the forgotten r... - 0 views

  • Hydro energy’s potential may be overlooked because; it is “old” renewable energy, or because like nuclear energy, some hydro electric schemes have been criticized by environmental groups, but most importantly a perception by many, that most hydro electric potential in North America has already been exploited. Hydro electricity deserves more scrutiny because;

    1) North America has significant undeveloped potential,
    2) the technology is well understood, although technical improvements continue to be made, especially for low head and small hydro,
    3) hydro has a very high energy return on energy investment (ERoEI),
    4) additional hydro can enable more wind and solar energy capacity to be absorbed by the grid,
    5) hydro potential is more geographically dispersed than wind and solar, and finally,
    6) the cost of developing additional hydro capacity is moderately low and has very low technical and financial risk.

Richard Bernier

The Next Four Years for Renewable Energy - Renewable Energy World - 1 views

    Podcast of the Renewable Energy World North America Conference and Expo.
Colin Bennett

Water battery: Riverbank Power brings new twist to pumped storage - 0 views

    Riverbank does pumped hydro storage, but not like conventional projects that require the right geography and topology (i.e. a large natural reservoir hundreds of metres over lake level).

Biofuels, not wind and solar power are Shell's energy future | Business | - 0 views

    Shell will no longer invest in renewable technologies such as wind, solar and hydro power because they are not economic, the Anglo-Dutch oil company said today. It plans to invest more in biofuels which environmental groups blame for driving up food prices and deforestation.
Colin Bennett

What does Sustainability Mean for Energy? - 0 views

    What makes energy sustainable? I think each of us has our own idea, and the various ideas are not entirely the same.
Ako Z°om

Top 7 alternative energies listed - environment - 14 January 2009 - New Scientist - 0 views

  • Watch a video of Jacobson discussing his findings.

    The energy sources that Jacobson found most promising were, in descending order:

    • Wind

    • Concentrated solar power (mirrors heating a tower of water)

    • Geothermal energy

    • Tidal energy

    • Solar panels

    • Wave energy

    • Hydroelectric dams

    finding the good sustainable energy is not so easy ... but the right way are for start to become continous choices ...
    what are the good next soltutions for sustainable energies ? .. infacts...
Hans De Keulenaer

The Hindu Business Line : Take small hydropower sector seriously, says energy consultant - 0 views

  • China views small hydropower (plants up to 25 MW capacity) as a means to achieve rural electrification and tailors its policies to achieve this.
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