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Hans De Keulenaer

Lewis Pugh - First swim across the North Pole - YouTube - 0 views

    Inspiring 1 km swim across the geographical North Pole, in order to alert us that there are actually 1 km swimming stretches there already in 2007
Hans De Keulenaer

Why climate change matters - Iowa Senate Democrats - 0 views

    The single most important reason that our economy remains sluggish is high gas prices and the high cost of imported oil. We import the same amount of oil into this country as we did in 1997 - but it now costs us nearly $300 billion a year more, a...
Hans De Keulenaer

Solar geoengineering may be feasible and affordable | Sustainable Energy | - 0 views

    A cost analysis of the technologies needed to transport materials into the stratosphere to reduce the amount of sunlight hitting Earth and therefore reduce the effects of global climate change has shown that they are both feasible and affordable....
Felix Gryffeth

The big money of environmentalism - - 4 views

    A few good points. And whether we agree on climate science or not, the scientific debate should remain open and serene. In the end, there will always remain a degree of uncertainty, and the decision to act, and to what extent, becomes then a political choice.
Deanna Rohrsheim

Earthwise Harmony - 0 views

    At Earthwise Harmony our aim is to be your 'go to' place for information, discussions, interviews and practical tips on matters relating to the Environment, Sustainability, Self sufficiency, Climate Change, Peak Oil and other relevant topics. A place where you can share your challenges and triumphs and hear about what others are doing.
Hans De Keulenaer

Getting Up to Speed on the Gigaton Awards | Climate | - 1 views

  • You could make a lot of money and make no difference in climate
Phil Slade

Climate Investment Funds - 0 views

    "The Climate Investment Funds are a unique pair of financing instruments designed to support low-carbon and climate-resilient development through scaled-up financing channeled through the African Development Bank , Asian Development Bank , European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Inter-American Development Bank , and World Bank Group."
Hans De Keulenaer

UK climate watchdog warns against raising renewables targets - 1 views

  • The government's climate watchdog today urged the coalition to focus on hitting the UK's renewable energy targets rather than raising them higher.
Peter Fleming

Climate change fears may worsen depression - Health - Mental health - - 0 views

  • According to accumulating evidence, climate change won't just trigger new cases of stress, anxiety and depression. People who already have schizophrenia and other serious psychological problems will probably suffer most in the aftermath of natural disasters and extreme weather events.
  • Then, there's the general sense of sadness that can come from reading about climate change again and again, and recognizing that the world is changing.
Hans De Keulenaer

U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu waves the banner for energy revolution - 0 views

  • U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, a Nobel laureate and professor emeritus of Physics at Stanford, returned to campus Monday to speak about the role of clean energy in combating global climate change. A sustainable energy revolution, he said, is not only vital in mitigating climate change, but is a critical step in ensuring U.S. economic competitiveness.
Hans De Keulenaer

New Guidance Issued by Securities and Exchange Commission for Climate Change Disclosure... - 0 views

  • On February 2, 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") published an interpretive release to provide guidance to public companies on the SEC's existing disclosure requirements relating to climate change. Those requirements apply to registration statements and periodic reports filed under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Hans De Keulenaer

Obama Sets Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Target « Row 2, Seat 4 - 0 views

  • President Barack Obama today announced that the Federal Government will reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution by 28 percent by 2020. Reducing and reporting GHG pollution, as called for in Executive Order 13514 on Federal Sustainability, will ensure that the Federal Government leads by example in building the clean energy economy. Actions taken under this Executive Order will spur clean energy investments that create new private-sector jobs, drive long-term savings, build local market capacity, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in clean energy industries.
    Is it ironic? Or is it a case of preferring real action over grand declarations?
Hans De Keulenaer


  • If developed countries act now, a ‘climate-smart’ world is feasible, and the costs for getting there will be high but still manageable, says a new World Bank report released today. High-income countries also need to act quickly to reduce their carbon footprints and boost development of alternative energy sources to help tackle the problem of climate change.
Hans De Keulenaer

Le Japon s'engage à réduire nettement plus ses émissions de CO2 | GreenUnivers - 0 views

  • Jusqu’ici, le Japon ne visait qu’une modeste réduction de 8% de ses émissions de gaz à effet de serre. Mais après la victoire de la gauche aux élections, le futur Premier ministre Yukio Hatoyama vient d’annoncer que le Japon relèverait cet objectif à -25% d'ici 2020 par rapport à 1990, comme il l’avait promis pendant la campagne. C’est plus ambitieux notamment que les 20% de réduction visés par l’Union européenne.
Hans De Keulenaer Rwanda: Country Wants Carbon Emissions Reduced By 40 Percent By 2050 (Pa... - 0 views

  • Rwanda will join the rest of Africa to urge developed countries to reduce their carbon emissions by 40 percent come 2050.
Hans De Keulenaer

On September 26, 2009, citizens get the chance to communicate their views on global war... - 0 views

  • On September 26, 2009, World Wide Views on Global Warming (WWViews) will give citizens all over the world a possibility to define and communicate their positions on issues and questions central to the negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen, starting two months later.
Hans De Keulenaer

How to Profit from Energy Illiteracy - 0 views

  • A new bill submitted by Rep Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA), the American Clean Energy and Security Act, would aim to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by 20% from 2005 levels by 2020 (vs. the 15% proposed by President Obama), and by 80% by 2050.
Hans De Keulenaer

EU Energy Law Newsletter - 0 views

  • The Energy Council of Thursday 19th February focused on the second Strategic Energy Review. Inevitably, the Council was cautious agreeing concrete changes to existing rules or arrangements on the basis of the Strategic Energy Review. Instead it has cautiously welcomed many of the proposals tabled or announced in the Review, awaiting the detailed Commission proposals or the outcome of discussions in Council on the specific proposals. Nonetheless, the conclusions do demonstrate a willingness of the member States for some - probably gradual - change in developing a more Community approach to energy security issues.
Colin Bennett

Biggest Ever Civil Disobedience on Climate - 0 views

    The event, known as the Capitol Climate Action (CCA), will be the largest mass mobilization on global warming in the country's history. The event reflects the growing public demand for bold action to address the climate and energy crises. It means no more waiting, no more excuses, and no more coal.
Hans De Keulenaer

Japan Launches First Satellite to Monitor Greenhouse Gases Worldwide : Sustainablog - 0 views

  • The Japanese government has launched the first satellite to monitor greenhouse gases worldwide. This tool will help scientists better ascertain where global warming emissions are coming from and how much is being absorbed by the oceans and forests. The U.S. will launch a similar orbiter next month.
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