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Robin Dale

Enabling cPanel Backups in WHM - 1 views

    Enabling the backup options in your cpanel is most important thing you need to do after you get your welcome kit. WHM provides you an option to enable the cpanel backup feature that allows you to schedule a backup as well as backup your system configuration files. This tutorial show how to enable the cpanel backup in your WHM.

Solar Rechargeable LED torches from Tuscan - YouTube - 0 views

    Solar Rechargeable LED torches from Tuscan is available 37% discount offer on flipkart. This torch got 13 SMD LED light with high battery backup. You got inbuilt A/C charger inside the torch. Can recharge it with solar charging system. Rechargeable in moderate sun and even under low light. It has excellent backup and very high brightness emergency light.
    Solar Rechargeable LED torches from Tuscan is available 37% discount offer on flipkart. This torch got 13 SMD LED light with high battery backup. You got inbuilt A/C charger inside the torch. Can recharge it with solar charging system. Rechargeable in moderate sun and even under low light. It has excellent backup and very high brightness emergency light.
liza cainz

Computer Help for Windows Backup in Windows Vista - 2 views

Help Gurus Microsoft tech support experts helped me create windows backup for my Vista computer. I asked them to create backups because I am afraid that something bad might happen to my computer an...

support service Desktop computer technical services PC tech

started by liza cainz on 08 Dec 10 no follow-up yet
liza cainz

Superb Backup Services - 2 views

In the accounting firm where I am working, a safe data backup system is very vital to the daily operations of the business. To ensure data security, the management hires expert computer support pro...

support service Desktop computer technical services PC tech

started by liza cainz on 17 Feb 11 no follow-up yet
Robin Dale

R1Soft Based Backup Solution - 1 views

    It is always better to backup your website's sensitive data. It has been noticed that businesses who have lost their data got vanished within two years. Would you like to become one of them?
Antwak Short videos

How to prevent Ransomware attacks in 2021? - 0 views

    Do your systems have protection against Ransomware attacks? Ransomware is a sort of malware that cybercriminals use to extort cash. It holds information to ransom with encryption or by keeping users out of their devices. Few tips to prevent Ransomware attacks: This section gives you tips on the best way to safeguard from ransomware attacks. Never click on unverified weblinks Try not to click spam emails or on unfamiliar sites. Downloads that start when you click on malicious links is one way that your system could get tainted When the ransomware is on your system, it will encrypt your information or lock your system. When the ransomware has something to hold as "hostage", it will request a payoff with the goal that you can recover your data. Paying these payoffs may seem like the easiest solution. But it is actually what the criminal needs you to do and paying these payments doesn't ensure they will give you access to your device or your data back. Never open untrusted email attachments Another way that ransomware could get onto your system is through an email attachment (Email breach) Try not to open email attachments from senders you don't trust Always download from a reliable source To decrease the risk of downloading ransomware, don't download software or media documents from unknown sites. Go to verified, trusted sites on the off chance that you need to download something. Most respectable sites will have markers of trust that you can perceive. Simply look in the hunt bar to check whether the site utilizes 'HTTPS' rather than 'HTTP.' In case you're downloading something on your mobile, ensure you download from trustworthy sources. For instance, Android telephones should use the Google Play Store to download applications and iPhone clients should use the App Store. Avoid sharing personal data If you get a call, text, or email from an untrusted source that requests personal data, don't give it out. Cybercriminals planning
Martin Burrett

Amazon Cloud Drive - 0 views

    Store up to 5GB of any type of file online for free with Amazon.
cecilia marie

Computer Problem Solved - 1 views

We run a robotics exhibit here in the city. Therefore we really need professional setup in our computers. There are times wherein we experience some computer problem and we really need professional...

computer problem

started by cecilia marie on 30 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Dennis OConnor

Martin Dougiamas Keynote at Moodlemoot Canada | Some Random Thoughts - 0 views

  • Martin Dougiamas presented the keynote at the Canadian Moodlemoot in Edmonton.
  • Martin updated us with the current stats on Moodle 54,000 verified sites worldwide. 41 Million users 97 language packs (17 fully complete, the rest are in various states) 54 Moodle Partners who fund the project and its going very well ensuring the project will continue into the future. (such as Remote-Learner who I work for) USA still has the highest raw number of installations and Spain has half of that with much less population. Brazil is now 3rd in the world and has overtaken the UK now in total installs. 3 of the top 10 are English speaking per head of population, Portugal has the largest number of Moodle installations.
  • As many may have seen before, there are 10 steps of pedagogical usage of Moodle, which is outlined on Moodle Docs. It details the typical 10 step progression which looks like: Putting up the handouts (Resources, SCORM) Providing a passive Forum (unfacilitated) Using Quizzes and Assignments (less management) Using the Wiki, Glossary and Database tools (interactive content) Facilitate discussions in Forums, asking questions, guiding Combining activities into sequences, where results feed later activities Introduce external activities and games (internet resources) Using the Survey module to study and reflect on course activity Using peer-review modules like Workshop, giving students more control over grading and even structuring the course in some ways Conducting active research on oneself, sharing ideas in a community of peers
  • ...10 more annotations...
  •  ”a lot of people find that giving students the ability to teach is a valuable learning process” – Martin Dougiamas.
  • A lot of people want that secure private place in the LMS with big gates, with students needing to gain competencies and knowledge.  Many people really want this “Content Pump” focus, becuase it is what they need. Others use it as a community of practitioners, connected activities, content created by students and teachers alike and many methods of assessment. These are the two ends of the spectrum of usage.
  • Moodle has two roles: to be progressive and integrate with things coming up, and a drag and drop UI, with innovate workflows and improve media handling and mobile platforms to be conservative and improve  security and usability and assessment , accredition, detailed management tracking and reports and performance and stability
  • Since Moodle 1.9 came out three years ago,  March 2008 and most are still using the three year old code which has had fixes applied since then (1.9.11 is the current release.) The support for 1.9 will continue until the middle of 2012 as it is understood that it will be a big move to Moodle2.   “If you are going to Moodle2, you may as well go to Moodle 2.1 as it is better with 6 months more work” .
  • However, the ongoing support for each release will be 1 yr moving to the future. Moodle will be released every 6 months which enables the organisations to plan their upgrade times ahead of time.
  • What will be in Moodle 2.1? Performance Restore 1.9 backups Quiz/question refactor Page course format Interface polishing Official Mobile app (there now is a Mobile division)
  • HQ are working on an official app which uses Moodle 2 built-in web services. This provides a secure access to the data in Moodle 2 for people who have accounts in Moodle which greatly benefits mobile apps.
  • Moodle HQ has looked at what is Mobile really good at and identified them one by one and implemented them.  This includes messaging, list of participants in your course, marking attendence (in class roll call). This will be for the iPhone first and then someone will make it for Android so it will lag behind, but will be the same.
  • What is going to happen in 2.2 and beyond?
  • Grading and Rubrics Competency Tracking (from activity level, course level, outside courses to generate a competency profile) Assignment (planning to combine all 4 into one type and simplify it) Forum (big upgrade probably based on OU Forum) Survey (to include feedback/questionnaire – being rewritten currently) Lesson Scorm 2 Improved reporting IMS LTI IMS CC (although it is in 1.9 needs to be redone)
    An important overview for any one using Moodle, especially useful for those contemplating an upgrade to 2.0 .  (I'll make the move when we have 2.1 or 2.2.)  
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