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Tony Sullivan

Behind the Brotherhood's losses in historic Doctors' Syndicate elections - Politics - E... - 1 views

  • The Indepenence List also won total, or near total, control of provincial syndicate boards in Ismailiya, Suez and Aswan – governorates where the Brotherhood could claim widespread support for its brand of politics.
  • in the last years of Mubarak, a younger generation of doctors started to organise in rank and file militant groups such as Doctors Without Rights (DWR) outside of the Syndicate’s internal body, against both Mubarak’s regime and the Brotherhood’s conservative union policies. In the aftermath of the January 25 revolution, these radical doctors, many of whom actually took part in the uprising against the dictator and were emboldened by their success in ousting him, embarked on organising their co-workers for campaigns to take workplace actions and strikes to improve their conditions.
  • This contrast between the new attitude of emboldened members and a static leadership was illustrated during the unprecedented national doctors’ strike last May. When doctors in public hospitals took industrial action against the government to demand minimum salaries and increased spending on healthcare from 4 per cent to 15 per cent of the budget, both the president of the Syndicate, Hamdy El-Sayed, and the Brotherhood-controlled national syndicate board denounced the strikers. Dr Mona Mina, a member of DWR who won a seat on the new national syndicate board in last Friday’s election and was one of the organisers of that historic strike, told Ahram Online that doctors found it hard to win that battle because of the Syndicate’s hostile position
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  • Although the Brotherhood backed Abdel Dayem for the position of Syndicate president, the Islamist group will not be able to count on him as an erstwhile ally. In fact, a large number of those who supported Independence and Tahrir candidates also voted for Khairy Abdel Dayem to head the Syndicate. Indeed, Dr Mona Mina herself supported Abdel Dayem for syndicate president. A closer look at Abdel Dayem’s campaign literature and interviews to media actually showed that he pushed economic demands and healthcare reform proposals almost identical to those raised by the Independence and Tahrir lists.
  • Dr Mona Mina, now one of six Independence members of the national syndicate board
  • In the national syndicate board elections, the Independence List won six out of 24 seats, and broke the Brotherhood’s monopoly over power there
Mostafa Hussein

إضراب شامل للمهندسين خلال أيام ضد استمرار الحراسة على النقابة - بوابة الشروق - 0 views

  •  أعلنت حركة «مهندسون ضد الحراسة» أنها أكملت استعداداتها لتنظيم الإضراب العام والشامل لكل مهندسى مصر العاملين فى القطاع الحكومى أو القطاع الخاص على السواء، وفى جميع قطاعات الهندسة من النقل والبترول والاتصالات والمدنى، للمطالبة بوقف الاعتداء على أموال المهندسين المهدرة من قِبل لجنة الحراسة على النقابة والمفروضة عليها منذ أكثر من 15عام
    • Mostafa Hussein
      المهندسين هايعرفوا معاد الأضراب أزاي؟
    Engineers to go on national strike?
    Engineers to go on national strike?
حسام الحملاوي

Daily News Egypt - National Circus employees protest low salaries - 0 views

  • Over 200 workers at the Egyptian National Circus staged a four-hour protest on Sunday, demanding an increase in their salaries and accusing the Ministry of Culture of neglecting the circus.
  • The workers protested from 1 pm to 5 pm in Agouza. They also expressed concern over the Ministry of Culture’s intention to privatize the circus.
  • The protestors demanded that their salaries be equal to those who work at national theaters.
حسام الحملاوي

اليوم السابع | عدلى يهدد أصحاب المخابز المشاركين بالإضراب بإلغاء تراخيصهم - 0 views

    Strikes and Sit-ins have become national phenomena, warned the Qalyoubiya province governor
حسام الحملاوي

البيان الأول للجنة العامة لإضراب إداريي وعمال التربية والتعليم « تضامن - 0 views

    The civil servants revolt continues, and new structures for running the national strike is evolving... Here's the first statement by the General Committee for the Education Ministry Civil Servants and Workers Strike...
حسام الحملاوي

جريدة الدستور - يومية ، سياسية ، مستقلة - اليوم العاشر لإضراب عمال غزل شبين ا... - 0 views

  • وقد رفع العمال لافتة يطالبون فيها بتدخل الرئيس «مبارك» كتبوا عليها «عايزين قرار حكيم بتأميم غزل شبين» معلنين استعدادهم للعمل فوراً بمجرد رجوع الشركة إلي القطاع العام
    • حسام الحملاوي
      Workers are demanding from President Mubrak the nationalization of the firm
حسام الحملاوي

Egypt and beyond: Egyptian National Railways: "The workers' demands took us by surprise" - 0 views

  • This is a blatant lie, since protests occured on several occasions before November, for example in Februari 2008 and December 2007. But more importantly it's also a sign of the ineffectiveness of the state-controlled union in giving a voice to the workers. If Samy can claim he didn't know of any demands, it's because the union officials refused to transmit the demands and grievances of the workers.
    This is a blatant lie, since protests occurred on several occasions before November, for example in February 2008 and December 2007. But more importantly it's also a sign of the ineffectiveness of the state-controlled union in giving a voice to the workers. If Samy can claim he didn't know of any demands, it's because the union officials refused to transmit the demands and grievances of the workers.
حسام الحملاوي

عاجل : اضراب المعلمين المصريين يوم 6 مارس 2011 بكل مدارس مصر - 0 views

    Teachers are mobilizing for a national strike on 6 March.
Tony Sullivan

Egypt: enough empty promises|17Sep11|Socialist Worker - 0 views

  • On Thursday of last week the minister of labour was in marathon negotiations with textile workers’ leaders representing 22,000 workers at the giant mill in Mahalla al-Kubra. The minister bargained desperately—narrowly avoiding a strike that would have brought out most of the textile sector
  • the correction of the path of the revolution”. Five feeder marches set off from the city’s working class districts to the square after prayers.
  • At the same time, 40,000 teachers were gathering outside parliament. “Meet our demands or no school this year” read their banners
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  • The military council promised to implement existing laws against strikes and demonstrations, with live bullets—and revive Mubarak’s hated emergency laws. But the strike wave rolled on. Some 26,000 sugar refinery workers joined the battle. Hundreds of textile workers from the Indorama textile factory in Shibin al-Kom occupied the provincial governor’s office the same day.
  • Collective action from below has again knitted together the fight for national liberation with the struggle for social justice
  • The internal crisis generated by this clash is feeding a growing external crisis.
  • Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised to send the Turkish navy to protect future humanitarian convoys to Gaza and has expelled Israeli diplomats. The contrast between Erdogan’s stance and that of the Egyptian generals was not lost on the Egyptian masses
  • The last month has seen a qualitative shift towards co-ordinated national or sector-wide strikes in several key industries including the railways, post, education and textiles.
  • Many are winning serious concessions from the state without walking out, prompting new groups to raise demands.
حسام الحملاوي

جريدة الدستور - يومية ، سياسية ، مستقلة - حتي«السيرك»وقف وقفة احتجاجية.. - 0 views

    National circus performers on strike!
Mohammed Maree

Egypt's state circus joins growing unrest at tough economic reforms | World news | The... - 0 views

    A typical Sunday afternoon for Refat El-Grasy involves oiling a unicycle and unpacking some spinning plates in preparation for an evening's show at the Egyptian National Circus. Yet this weekend El-Grasy, the circus clown, will find himself out on t
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