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Vicki Davis

Tag Overload - 110 views

Just remember that we only 16 tags -- that is NOT a lot! Also -- looking at it by NOUN is important. Who is a person -- I"m an administrator so I'd be interested in this. I found that structure ...

Vicki Davis

History Teachers Group - 43 views

Good luck! I hope you're using tagging standards as those truly help people be able to share in meaningful ways and you can pull the data out as well into great, useful feeds. David Hilton wrote: ...

Vicki Davis

The tags we're using - 299 views

When you click "send to group" a list of 16 tags pop up -- these are from the tag dictionary -- each time you send to the group, you should select at least 2-3 of those. It lets you do this. http:...


Maggie Tsai

Recommendation for this group membership setting - 105 views

Vicki Davis wrote: > We would love to be featured, just let us know when you do this, so I will be extra vigilant. k - will do. > > I wish there was a way to request people to send me a comment...

admin control spam

William Gaskins

Understanding WHY to tag here - 89 views

Thanks that was very helpful....


Vicki Davis

How to make the most of this forum - 72 views

As we see things emerge in this group -- as we start sending our bookmarks, you can set "thumbs up" or thumbs down -- you can also add your comments -- send it to your diigo bookmarks or other grou...


started by Vicki Davis on 29 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Gary Bertoia

RSS feed to WebSlides - 57 views

Used the Bookmarks RSS feed to show how you can add a WebSlide RSS feed to a blog. I am not sure if I missed something but when I clicked on the WebSlide icon shown in the Groups bookmarks section ...

diigo rss webslides

started by Gary Bertoia on 30 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Peggy George

Keeping your e-mail from being inudated - 154 views

Thanks, Christy. I'm still having problems with the RSS feed. I'm using NetNewsWire on my Mac. I tried it on two different computers and on the first one when I clicked on the RSS icon it opened NN...


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