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TCY Online

SNAP 2009 Analysis- SNAP 2009 Answer Key & Cut-offs - 11 views

    SNAP 2009 Analysis and Cut-offs with Solution Key: 1. General English: Answer Key, 2. Quantitative, DI & DS: Answer Key, 3. General Awareness- GK, Current Affairs, Business Scenario: Answer Key, 4. Analytical & LR: Answer Key
Vicki Davis

Snap Skype to anything with Skype for Windows 8.1 and Skype on Surface 2 - 3 views

    Skype unveiled "snap Skype" to snap pictures and send things to people. You have to have Windows 8.1 to use it. Interesting.
Vicki Davis

Evernote Launches New Partnership with Moleskine - The Digital Reader - 13 views

    Evernote and Moleskin announce the new smartnotebook which is very cool. While you can already snap pictures of notes to Evernote - this notebook has small dots that adjust the page to make it square and remove distortion. It includes stickers that will tag the pages for you and add emphasis and included in the price of the notebook ($30) is a free subscription to Evernote premium for 3 months. I love evernote and while their tech support leaves a lot to be desired (it took me 6 months to figure out how to fix an installation glitch which was answered by another user on their forum after Evernote kept telling me just to use Revo uninstaller) -- it can't be beat for usefulness - that is why it is one of the few apps I am willing to pay for. I'll definitely be asking for this notebook for Christmas to try it out. Hope the price comes down a tad, though.
Vicki Davis

Quick Key Turns Your iPhone Into a Scanner | iPad Apps for School - 4 views

    This has to be the coolest app ever. Create a quiz on Quick Key and then you can print out a bubble sheet. Snap a picture of the quiz with your iphone and it will grade it for you! Wow. Just remember that if all you do is bubble in - you're probably not testing very well. Hat tip to Richard Byrne's Awesome Facebook page for this one! (Free Technology for Teachers)
David Wetzel

Geometric Problem Solving with Snap Cubes - 7 views

    Problem solving in mathematics is critical to understanding geometric concepts and also making connections with other mathematics concepts. Four activities are used for scaffolding an inquiry into SOMA Cubes.
seo bond

Online Cat Preparation MBA Study Material Test Series for CAT, MAT: 100Percentile - 0 views

    CAT Preparation and MBA Study Material - 100Percentile Provides Online Test Series and Online Practice Test for CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT, IIFT& other MBA Entrance test.
Martin Burrett

ScratchJr - 11 views

    An iPad and junior version of the well know programming platform Scratch. The app has been designed for 5+ year olds and boosts simplified versions features of the more mature version. Children still snap programming blocks together to build amazingly creative things.
Suzie Nestico

Teaching with Evernote: A 6th and 8th Grade Science Teacher Shares His Top Tips (Back-to-School Series) « Evernote Blogcast - 27 views

  • For extending the classroom beyond school walls I put up a daily itinerary on the whiteboard for my students to see what we’ll be working on that day. For anyone who isn’t in class, I snap a photo of it and put it in Evernote. You can see all of the past daily itineraries in my Shared Notebook. I use JotNot to take those shots, which integrates really well with Evern
  • vernote’s Shared Notebooks became a simple way for me to give students a way to access class notes, worksheets, PowerPoints and labs. Even though they couldn’t make it to class, they didn’t fall behind.
Vicki Davis

Snap Links Plus :: Add-ons for Firefox - 1 views

    This handy firefox add on lets you hold down the right mouse button and draw a square over a set of links. Then, it will open each of those links into its own tab. This is useful if you have students placing links on a page and need to open each link to assess them. This is the only firefox extension that I found compatible with the newest version of firefox, although it is preliminary, I've found it to work fine for me.
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