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Ted Sakshaug

Create a font from your own handwriting - - 22 views

    At you can create a font from your very own handwriting. There's no software to download and install, all you need is a printer and a scanner. Simply fill in the font template, scan and upload it to our website, and download your completed font. The fonts you create using can be used on both Windows and Mac computers.
Martin Burrett

Handwriting Worksheet Maker - 15 views

    Make customised handwriting sheets with your own text.
Vicki Davis

Love this list of fine motor and handwriting activities - 5 views

    Handwriting and fine motor activities. A nice PDF document that you can find some things if you teach Handwriting. Description: This resource provides a range of activities to develop fine motor skills, designed with learners with severe learning difficulties in mind. It is by no means exhaustive, but covers a range of activities to develop discrimination of left and right, hand-eye coordination, crossing the mid-line,
Ted Sakshaug - 29 views

    Turn your handwriting into a font
Dean Mantz

Should We Still Teach Students to Write in Cursive? | MindShift - 16 views

    This is another great thought and debate provoking article. It brings up the point of how cursive handwriting is not part of Common Core standards and may have little impact on future jobs.
Jim Farmer

Basic Handwriting for Kids - Manuscript - Letters of the Alphabet - 0 views

    Manuscript - Letters of the Alphabet. Create worksheets for practice. Also lined pages of different sizes.
Vicki Davis

Fine Motor and Handwriting Development Activities for @spedchat @kinderchat - 4 views

    This is a great lesson that is perfect for kindergarten and first grade or students with fine motor problems. 
yc c

Welcome to Learning Tools - 23 views

    Timeline Tool 2.0 Recently improved from Timeline 1.0, The Timeline Tool 2.0 is a web- based tool that allows an instructor to construct an interactive timeline with audio and visual effects.  Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool enables content experts to easily combine video, audio, images and texts into one synchronized learning object.  Handwriting Toolis a language learning tool designed to help students learn to write and use asian characters. Vocabulary Memorization Platform Image Annotation Tool allows instructors to upload images and quickly create text boxes referring to parts of a diagram, painting, or photo. The tool will provide a link to the annotated image which can then be distributed to students.  Language Pronunciation Tool
Martin Burrett

Two digits - 5 views

    A useful addition game where users 'handwrite' the answers in the box. The intro page is in Japanese, but the activity is in English.
Jeff Johnson

Transliteracy / Participatory Media Literacy - 0 views

  • Transliteracy is a new term derived from the verb 'to transliterate', meaning to write or print a letter or word using the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or language. Today we extend the act of transliteration and apply it to the increasingly wide range of communication platforms and tools at our disposal. From early signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV & film to networked digital media, the concept of transliteracy provides a cohesion of communication modes relevant to reading, writing, interpretation and interaction.

Resurrection Of The Handwritten Letter - 7 views

    People obsess over the latest flavors and innovations in digital communication and interactivity. I'm talking about everything from new email technologies to social networking tools, even new hybrid interaction platforms like Wave. Many of these innovations are exciting and have permanently earned a place in our lives. Their growing popularity drives volume and efficiency of one-to-one communications.
Mary Quinn

Pen Mightier Than Keyboard for Making Imprint on Brain - 9 views

    Interesting article with interesting implications for today's youth. Study finds that handwriting is more effective than keyboarding in recall tests.
Martin Burrett

ICTmagic Show Online Magazine - Jan 2012 - 8 views

    The January issue of the ICTmagic Show online magazine is out, full of my favourite recent finds and how you can use them in your class.
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