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Kathy Benson

Most Popular of 2015, No. two: The advanced Google searches every student should know |... - 4 views

    Discusses how to teach students to be better researches by learning google search modifiers
Vicki Davis

Why Technology Will Never Fix Education - Commentary - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 11 views

    Interesting article in Journal of Higher Ed with Many Great Points

    "The real obstacle in education remains student motivation. Especially in an age of informational abundance, getting access to knowledge isn't the bottleneck, mustering the will to master it is. And there, for good or ill, the main carrot of a college education is the certified degree and transcript, and the main stick is social pressure. Most students are seeking credentials that graduate schools and employers will take seriously and an environment in which they're prodded to do the work. But neither of these things is cheaply available online.

    Arizona State University's recent partnership with edX to offer MOOCs is an attempt to do this, but if its student assessments fall short (or aren't tied to verified identities), other universities and employers won't accept them. And if the program doesn't establish genuine rapport with students, then it won't have the standing to issue credible nudges. (Automated text-message reminders to study will quickly become so much spam.) For technological amplification to lower the costs of higher education, it has to build on student motivation, and that motivation is tied not to content availability but to credentialing and social encouragement.

    The Law of Amplification's least appreciated consequence, however, is that technology on its own amplifies underlying socioeconomic inequalities.
carlos villalobos - 9 views

    Karen Brennan | Christan Balch | Michelle Chung
    Harvard Graduate School of Education
carlos villalobos

Creative Computing - 15 views

Vicki Davis

elearn Magazine: How to Help Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom - 13 views

    "Back to the Drawing Board: The 5Js

    In the 1990s, the Austin-based educational organization, SEDL, developed a technology professional development framework called the "5Js." The five 'J's, which I will explain in further detail in this article, are:
    just enough
    just in time
    just in case
    just try it."

Design & Technology Subject Special - 3 views

    Infographic Summary, Archive and Storify from a ukedchat discussion focusing on design skills
Martin Burrett

UKED Magazine Jun 2014 by UKedchat - 3 views

    The June issue of UKED Magazine - Technology special
    The June issue of UKED Magazine - Technology special
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