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Vicki Davis

Tag Overload - 110 views

Just remember that we only 16 tags -- that is NOT a lot! Also -- looking at it by NOUN is important. Who is a person -- I"m an administrator so I'd be interested in this. I found that structure ...

Vicki Davis

The tags we're using - 300 views

When you click "send to group" a list of 16 tags pop up -- these are from the tag dictionary -- each time you send to the group, you should select at least 2-3 of those. It lets you do this. http:...


Vicki Davis

Dreamweaver menu extensions, CSS, DHTML - - 0 views

  • To allow the layering of Flash content with DHTML content you have to do the following with the Flash Object tag: Add the following parameter to the <object> tag: <param name="wmode" value="transparent">; Add the following parameter to the <embed> tag: wmode="transparent"
    **FOR GEEKY WEBMASTERS ONLY*** For you webmasters out there, I've found a really cool tool to make killer drop down menus that is worth the cost. Also, this is the information on how to make menus or other items appear IN FRONT OF flash objects on a web page. (I've had trouble w/ this forever!) Follow these instructions from this site: "To allow the layering of Flash content with DHTML content you have to do the following with the Flash Object tag: * Add the following parameter to the tag: ; * Add the following parameter to the tag: wmode="transparent" "
    Tool for making cool drop down menus on your website AND instructions for putting the menus in front of a flash object.
Michael Baker

The Future of Tagging « zooie's blog - 0 views

    Good alternate perspective on tagging
    Different perspective on tagging.
William Gaskins

Understanding WHY to tag here - 89 views

Thanks that was very helpful....


Jackie Gerstein

hickstro - What's_the_Matter_with_Wikis - 16 views

    Details last edit Nov 21, 2009 5:20 am by hickstro hickstro - 5 revisions hide details Tags * edit * Type a tag name. Press comma or enter to add another. Cancel Edit This Page What's the Matter with Wikis? Exploring the Social Space of Wikis as a Collaborative Writing Tool
    Details last edit Nov 21, 2009 5:20 am by hickstro hickstro - 5 revisions hide details Tags * edit * Type a tag name. Press comma or enter to add another. Cancel Edit This Page What's the Matter with Wikis? Exploring the Social Space of Wikis as a Collaborative Writing Tool
yc c

LedeLog - 1 views

    Built for Research Work in Ledes: The smallest unit of a story Quickly enter and navigate Ledes Save rich text descriptions Tag with your own categories Search through full content or by tag Track your progress Secure and Reliable Runs on Google's cloud infrastructure Ledes and Tags restricted to each user Auto-saves edit progress every ten seconds Simple privacy policy: All your data is private; nobody will view it unless a critical bug requires doing so
Jennifer Garcia

aroundtheworldwith80schools - home - 16 views

    "aroundtheworldwith80schools * Join this WikiJoin this Wiki * Recent ChangesRecent Changes * Manage WikiManage Wiki 1. Home 2. After Skype Calls 3. Curriculum Integration 4. During Skype Calls 5. Journey Around the World 6. Obectives & Standards 7. Preparing Skype Calls 8. Signing-Up 9. Skype Rituals 10. Technical Know How 11. Time Zones 12. Your 2BJourney 13. Your ASMadrid Journey 14. Your Journey edit navigation * home * pagesubmenu o Details and Tags o Print o PDF o Backlinks o Source o Delete o Rename o Redirect o Permissions o Lock * discussion (8) * history * notify me Details last edit Nov 6, 2009 3:14 pm by langwitches langwitches - 11 revisions hide details Tags * none * Type a tag name. Press comma or enter to add another. Cancel Protected I am Technology Integration Facilitator and 21st Century Learning Specialist from Jacksonvill e, Florida/ USA . I am taking on the challenge to connect my students and teachers with at least 80 schools in different countries and continents. We want to circle the globe. Will you connect with us via Skype to complete the challenge? All it takes is a 5-10 minute Skype call. Interested? Sign up for the project to be added to a growing list of over 200 interested teachers from around the world. around-world3.jpg"
Vicki Davis

What is tagging? - Flat Classrooms - 6 views

    A conversation that we're having about tagging, folksonomy and taxonomy and when to use each. This was posted as an email request on our Flat Classroom certified teacher group, however, we have as a best practice to pull out those discussion items and put them on the Ning so that everyone can benefit from the discussion when it is something others may want to read. Feel free to join in and see the conversations happening and add your thoughts.
Vicki Davis

IFTTT / Send everything I tag collaborative writing to a notebook in evernote. by coolc... - 1 views

    If you use Diigo but are researching a certain topic for a book or term paper and also use Evernote, I recommend setting up an recipe similar to this one I'm using for my collaborative writing book. Everything tagged "collaborative writing" goes automatically to my collaborative writing book. You could use this for a course. You could take everything on Diigo tagged with the course number into a notebook (or into a Google spreadsheet, for that matter.) There are many other sources of information you can use to collect information on a topic in one place. 
Vicki Davis

Group Tag Dictionary - 1 views

    This is the current tag dictionary -- we really only get 17 that show up and I had to truncate the names -- but if you join the group and send pages to the group when you bookmark these tags will come up.
    This is the page where I set up the dictionary for educators -- it may or may not let non administrators see it, however, I wanted to TRY to share it with the group.
Vicki Davis

This morning I came here before I went to twitter. This seems to be the place to be rig... - 1 views

  • Lisa Parisi This morning I came here before I went to twitter. This seems to be the place to be right now. Still not sure of all the groupings, taggings, etc. Reading what everyone writes and hoping to get it soon
  • Will play on Sunday with Karen McMillan and Alice Barr. Anyone else want to join? Anyone want to teach?
  • Ryan Bretag I'll join in the fun if you'll have me. Let me know time when you know.
  • ...24 more annotations...
  • I was going to present 20 minutes on, but I may show Diigo instead - or both - or 20 minutes is not enough....
  • This new version "appears" to have fixed that issue, plus I've been impressed with the new features.
  • Caroline Obannon I'm second guessing teaching only myself, too.
  • Liz Davis I'm wondering if Diigo is too much for the newbie. Delicious is so simple and obviously useful. I'm afraid Diigo would scare some people away. I'm still inclined to start with delicious and save Diigo for my more advanced users (of which I have very few).
  • Maybe overwhelming would describe my feelings.
  • However, I can defely think of quite a few people who would balk at it, too and favor the simplicity of
  • but most likely wouldn't participate in the social/sharing aspects they offer.
  • The nice thing about the Diigo toolbar is that you can select which buttons to see, so for those who might find the extra choices of tools overwhelming, it can at least be customized.
  • I'm feeling a Diigo obsession building. As soon as Explorer comes up I check to see if there are any messages in Diigo. How nice of them to put that number right on my toolbar!
  • I created my very first List last night,
  • Kristin Hokanson Liz I think it may be too much ially for the newbie and I will continue to send to delicious.
  • There is one feature that I REALLY like and that is that you can EMAIL something you are tagging so for folks who LIKE to get those sites emailed, you can still meet their needs without an extra step yourself
  • I second that. I like Diigo, but simplicity is so inviting.
  • The value of Diigo is that it brings a number of tools together allowing for multiple entry points. The old training model is show them a tool from start to finish that goes over every single detail. With Diigo, why show everything to those new to all this? It is rather easy to click into your bookmarks. From there, teachers have a space they can grow. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to differentiate with your teachers -- the whole multiple points of entry.
  • still I will have fun, exploring it and making effective use of it.
  • it is the ease of integration with blogging and twitter -- I annotated a page yesterday and pulled it directly into my blog. I can twitter bookmark that is important quickly -- AND I can use the tagging standards for the horizon project without having to remember the darn tags -- tag dictionaries are the most useful things to have been invented in a LONG time -- we need to set them up within one of our educational groups!
  • I don' t think I would not teach delicious. But perhaps starting with delicious and saving Diigo for later is a good idea.
  • I do find this site to be much more powerful and useful than delicious. I never really used delicious to its full potential. The fact that I am here just chatting with folks makes me want to stay and contribute to the collective knowledge.
  • We are conversing about the usefulness of diigo and I thought you might like to be included.
  • Maggie Tsai has invited Wade Ren to this conversation
  • Are you guys planning a Sunday get-together? If so, please advise the time - I'd love to join you and help answering any question.
  • Howdy! Wow, what can I say? Diigo is a lot more than delicious. If CoolCat Vicki hadn't written about Diigo again, I probably would have stuck with Delicious...and,if I hadn't been using Twitter, blogs, played around with Facebook, the social networking side of Diigo would have been just so much MORE to learn.
  • my concern would be to NOT limit learners in workshop sessions to the path I followed in learning these tools. Simply, folks, here is a tool that will grow as you grow and learn more about living and contributing in an interconnected world. The ability to have conversations like this, to annotate web pages, to share relevant quotes and tweet as needed...makes me wonder at the need for blogs at all.
  • A few folks are considering exploring Diigo on Sunday morning and having a conversation about it now...join in and learn with us!
    This is a very honest, open discussion between educators about why diigo or delicious -- I think the fact we can have this conversation within diigo at all says a lot for the usefulness of the tool. Diigo is an emerging tool for social bookmarking and collective intelligence.
Suzie Nestico

k12wiki - tagging to help teachers - 18 views

    Wiki with detailed explanation of how to tag articles
Vicki Davis

wireWAX - interactive video tool - 18 views

    Interesting new tool that lets you overlay and tag people, etc. in a video. There are interesting (and some scary) applications for this. This is one of those sites you'll want to play with. The neat thing is that you can add tags to objects as well. This could have some fascinating applications for flipping the classroom. "The tool is free to use, so everything you saw in the video example I sent would be possible when you sign in to wireWAX studio. The only limitation for a free user is the size of the overlay is limited to 200px by 200px, but apart from that we hope there is plenty of scope to do as much creative stuff as you like, from using the overlay boxes or the inbuilt widgets (Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, Facebok, Twitter etc). 
Vicki Davis

Mrs. McConnell's Blog: Top 12 Reflections on 2012 - conclusion - 12 views

    IN her final set of reflections, Sandy uses a new feature, that of Google plus tagging in a blogger blog, which is how I found what she wrote! IF you use blogger, use the plus and tag people and we'll find you more easily than the traffic type things. Finally an advantage for being on blogger besides just tight integration with Google. I love how her work with edtech and ipads is part of what she's done. With all she's been through: layoffs, cancer, adding onto her house - I think I've found a new hero and definitely someone I"ve added to my PLN. I've known of her work, but now I"m a fan. Sometimes, when you open up, share and reflect, you connect on a deeper, more personal level than if you pretend like life is perfect. TEachers, lets stick together and encourage each other.
Vicki Davis

Educreations - 24 views

    Move over Khan Academy. Educreations is here with a super simple web or iPad app that lets you record lessons to share with your students, wherever they are. If they enable one thing like common core tagging (tag it with the standard) and enough contribute we will have an incredibly powerful tool.
    The strength of Khan Academy's tutorials is content and clear presentation of this content. I didn't find either in Educreations' showcased examples: most could just be presented as a good old slideshow. Granted, a few do have an audio comment. But you can do that with slidecasts too (e.g. you can synch an audio file with your slides on or on Moreover, there is no way to caption such Educreations presentations including audio for the deaf, which means they can't be used in schools in US, Italy and other countries that have laws imposing accessibility for all for educational materials. And you can't subtitle them for people who don't know the original language, which severely curtails the potential use. Khan Academy, on the other hand has an international captioning/subtitling team - see . So OK, Educreations have an iPad app - the point is that Khan Academy's tutorials don't need one. The real difference is that Educreations' content is crowdsourced and the content of Khan Academy's tutorials isn't: not enough to outweigh the accessibility and internationalization issues above. Teachers can already produce their own online tutorials as slideshows, slidecasts or videos that can be captioned/subtitled in other languages with other platforms.
Vicki Davis

From the Annointed Few to the Collective Many - 0 views

    • Vicki Davis
      How sad!
  • the Internet has morphed from a presentation medium to an interactive platform in just a few years
  • a leading web analysis site
    • Vicki Davis
      I find this description of Technorati almost amusing.
  • ...18 more annotations...
  • more than 50 percent of Americans aged 20-30 years old use Facebook
  • among Americans under the age of 35, social networking and user-generated content sites have overtaken TV as a primary media.
  • “Visitors to and generally skew older, with people age 25 and older comprising 68 and 71 percent of their user bases, respectively.”
  • We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift where individuals are indeed connecting “in ways and at levels that [they] haven’t done before”
  • Workplace communities
  • orkplace communities are designed to solve workplace-related challenges
  • talent management is about finding, developing, and retaining key talent within the organization
  • Ernst & Young, for instance, has a significant presence on Facebook in support of its recruiting efforts
  • Google, Home Depot, Enterprise Rent a Car, and Deloitte also are recruiting using Web 2.0 tools through YouTube videos and even alumni social networks
  • “If companies keep social networks out, they will be doing a significant disservice to their bottom lines
    • Vicki Davis
      Understanding networks is important to students. Knowing how to be professional and what is appropriate for different spaces is vital.
  • Between 2000 and 2020, 75 million Boomers will reach retirement age.
  • The only content service with mass adoption (greater than 50 percent) was Social Networking, and this was only among respondents under the age of 35.”
  • In addition, Millennials are the first generation to spend more hours online per week than watching TV (16.7 vs 13.6).
  • some of the characteristics of Millenials, which included a desire to work in  “[open] and flat organizations” as “part of a tribe.”
  • “heavy use of technology (messaging, collaboration, online learning) as a daily part of their work lives.”
  • robust and active communities will have an easier time recruiting talented Millennials
  • they have opportunities to meaningfully connect to their peers and supervisors.
  • A retiring Boomer who is an expert in a particular field could be an excellent community manager, blogger, or wiki contributor.
    • Vicki Davis
      Blogging might be the answer for retiring boomers?
    Business people and management should read this article about the transformation of business by using workplace communities. "Workplace communities are designed to solve workplace-related challenges" -- they focus on tasks. I would find it interesting to see a business REALLY use technology to change things. Having the business in a business network (OK a NING) and let people tag their posts with the business related PROBLEMS they are having and blog, video, or photograph it-- the tag cloud would tell the business IMMEDIATELY what the problems are in the company. The problem with this model is that there are few corporate executives who REALLY want to know the problems within their organizations. They don't want to be problem solvers, just opportunity creators. However, when managers open their eyes (and I'm a former General Manager myself) and see that two things give business opportunity: problem solving and innovation. And they are directly related. True innovation solves problems. Read this article and think about how you may solve problems using the networks you may now create. If you don't want everyone to know, keep it private and only allow people in your company in.
Vicki Davis

And the Walls Came Down: Viral Professional Development - NECC 2008 - 0 views

    Page for discussion of the viral professional development session at NECC.
    Just started the discussion for the viral pd session at NECC over at the NECC 2008 Ning -- watching some interesting discussions take place -- join in and converse. If you have a session, you're asked to create a discussion -- I hope they'll show us our tags so that we can tag and find sessions easily.
Vicki Davis

Turbo Tagger - Instantly create Technorati tags for free! - 0 views

    Technorati Tag Generator
    Cool little page that helps add techorati tags to one's blog. I may have to use this until the firefox 3 plug in is fixed. Just type in the words, generate the code and copy it to the bottom of your blog.
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