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Ted Sakshaug

YouTube - Goomoodleikiog - 0 views

    using web 2.0 in the classroom in the style of common craft videos
Jeff Johnson

Report Cards Give Up A's and B's for 4s and 3s ( - 0 views

    They are called standards-based report cards, part of a new system flourishing around the country as the latest frontier in a 20-year push to establish rigorous academic standards and require state tests on the material.
Nelly Cardinale

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Home Page, a part of the U.S. Departmen... - 0 views

    The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) collects, analyzes and makes available data related to education in the U.S. and other nations.
Jeff Johnson

What to do about teens and their dumb naked photos of themselves. - By Dahlia Lithwick ... - 0 views

    Say you're a middle school principal who has just confiscated a cell phone from a 14-year-old boy, only to discover it contains a nude photo of his 13-year-old girlfriend. Do you: a) call the boy's parents in despair, b) call the girl's parents in despair, or c) call the police? More and more, the answer is d) all of the above. Which could result in criminal charges for both of your students and their eventual designation as sex offenders.
Fred Delventhal® | SchoolKidz(sm) - 0 views

    Get two FREE $25 Staples Gift Cards!

    One for you and one for your school when your school signs up to participate and is new to the program.† Fill out the form below and click "Submit". We'll contact your school and if they sign up for the '09-'10 school year, you'll both get a gift card.
Jeff Johnson - 0 views

    What Would You Do with $200 to Keep Creativity and the Arts Alive?

    Whether it's exposing your students to classical music, a theatrical production, or even a class field-trip to the art museum, there is never enough money to go around-especially when it comes to the arts.
Jeff Johnson

Schools tap '21st-century skills' ( - 0 views

    Those are some of the capabilities known as "21st-century skills" - what everyone from CEOs to President-elect Obama says that today's students need for their fast-changing future.

    In a knowledge economy, the reasoning goes, the ability to articulate and solve problems, to generate original ideas, and to work collaboratively across cultural boundaries is growing exponentially in importance. The challenge for schools is to find ways to shift from traditional rote learning and teach these skills, while still doing due diligence to the three R's. The good news about 21st-century skills, advocates say, is that they can be integrated into core subjects.
Fred Delventhal

Wordie - 0 views

    Wordie lets you make lists of words and phrases. Words you love, words you hate, words on a given topic, whatever. Lists are visible to everyone but can be added to by just you, a group of friends, or anyone, as you wish.
John Evans

About Us | SchoolWAX TV - 0 views

    SchoolWAX TV was designed with students, teachers, and parents in mind. All uploaded videos are pre-screened and approved by our moderators before ever showing up on the site. It may take 1 to 2 days for an uploaded video to appear for that very fact, but we know that being able to guarantee 100% safe educational content makes it worth the slight delay.
Angela Maiers

Top News - Intel salutes six 'Schools of Distinction' - 0 views

    Common thread in all schools...REAL WORLD learning! Great article!
Jeff Johnson

Some schools say no to energy drinks ( - 0 views

    They can be popular because they're sweet, they give you a lift and they have hip-sounding names like Red Bull and Spike Shooter.

    But school officials across the country aren't as buzzed about caffeinated energy drinks as some of their students. They're worried about young people gulping down too much caffeine _ and getting so hyper that they lose focus on their studies.
Jeff Johnson

Here's How To Protect Your Kids From Cyberbullying - 0 views

  • The MindOH! Foundation is pleased to provide you with the following Cyberbullying Prevention Tips and Tools to help create peace of mind for you and the kids in your life. Families and schools can utilize these resources as discussion starters.
Kate Olson

Against Odds, New Orleans Schools Fight Back - New York Times - 0 views

    Great article about schools in New Orleans and what they're doing to try to get back up and running even this long after Katrina.
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