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Vicki Davis

Georgia Download Destination - Participating Libraries - 1 views

    In the state of Georgia they have the Georgia Download destination for checking out books. I've got this set up on my library account and can check out books to my kindle, ibooks to my ipad (or kindle app there) or audio books to my overdrive account. I LOVE IT. It is time for schools to have their students take their devices down to their libraries and learn how to check out books all over again.
Claude Almansi

The KYVL for Kids Research Portal - How to do research Home Base - 1 views

    "The Kentucky Virtual Library presents: How to do research! Step 1: Plan your project Plan your project tutorial Define your subject Brainstorm What do you already know? Group similar ideas Identify key words and phrases Make a quest strategy Gather your tools Step 2: Search for information Search for information tutorial The Kentucky Virtual Library The library catalog Encyclopedia Reference books: table of contents and index Magazines and newspaper articles Dictionary Search the World Wide Web What if you can't find anything? Step 3: Take Notes Take notes tutorial The KWL method Fact finder method Data sheets Clustering method (also called mapping or webbing) Venn diagram method Note cards Prints and photocopies Bibliography page Step 4: Use the information Use the information tutorial Scan the page first The five finger test Is the information true or bogus? Put it in your own words Organize the information Compare and contrast Put the information in order Add your own conclusions Step 5: Report Share what you've learned tutorial Step 6: Evaluate Ask yourself, "How did I do?" Glossary Back to the introduction page Portal | Home Base (Site Map) | Plan | Search | The Web | Take Notes | Use | Report | Glossary Teacher's Toolbox | Flash Version | Text Only Version Kentucky Virtual Library"
Dave Truss

Seth's Blog: The future of the library - 15 views

  • They need a librarian more than ever (to figure out creative ways to find and use data). They need a library not at all.
  • Librarians that are arguing and lobbying for clever ebook lending solutions are completely missing the point. They are defending library as warehouse as opposed to fighting for the future, which is librarian as producer, concierge, connector, teacher and impresario.
  • Post-Gutenberg, the scarce resource is knowledge and insight, not access to data.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • The next library is a house for the librarian with the guts to invite kids in to teach them how to get better grades while doing less grunt work. And to teach them how to use a soldering iron or take apart something with no user servicable parts inside. And even to challenge them to teach classes on their passions, merely because it's fun. This librarian takes responsibility/blame for any kid who manages to graduate from school without being a first-rate data shark.
  • The next library is filled with so many web terminals there's always at least one empty. And the people who run this library don't view the combination of access to data and connections to peers as a sidelight--it's the entire point.
    • Dave Truss
      This is brilliant... librarian as information tapper & recognizing the value of peer-to-peer information networks!
    They need a librarian more than ever (to figure out creative ways to find and use data). They need a library not at all. ...librarian as producer, concierge, connector, teacher and impresario.
Ted Sakshaug

National Jukebox - 16 views

    historical recordings from the Library of Congress
Vicki Davis

"Embedded Librarians: Three Models to Promote the Library and Improve S" by Krista Godf... - 10 views

  • Learn about 3 models for embedded librarianship: in a program, virtually and in a centre for teaching and learning
    Learn about 3 models for embedded librarianship: in a program, virtually and in a centre for teaching and learning I need to ask some of my library friends about these three models and which they use.
Jennifer Garcia

Children's books | Books | - 13 views

    Macmillan children's books audio, reviews, quizzes and videos. Worth checking out.
Phil Macoun

Library | Navigator - 21 views

  • The carefully selected press clippings and resources in this section have been chosen to provide a clear sense of both the forest and the trees in the landscape of emerging technology. Included are not only information about the technologies themselves but also clues to the context within which they are developed and used.
Ruth Howard

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine - 14 views

shared by Ruth Howard on 29 Jan 11 - Cached
    • Ruth Howard
      You can use Internet archive to publish remix videos that are clearly fair use ( YouTube does not recognize fair use)
    Great site for searching for public domain and historical photos, movies and document.
Dean Mantz

springfieldlibrary - home - 7 views

    Public library wiki developed by Joice Valenza. Great resources and web 2.0 tools provided.
Dean Mantz

Bright ideas - 17 views

    Site developed in Australia provides a wealth of Web 2.0 tools, integration ideas, and tutorials for successful engagement.
David Wetzel

10 Tips for Successful Online Research in Adult Education - 16 views

    While reading the syllabus for a new course you discovered there is a research paper project. These types of projects often require the need to carry out online research to find sources. The online world is vast, often making such research a time consuming drain on valuable study time. So what do you do? The following top 10 tips for successful online research below will help make time dedicated for research more efficient.
Dave Truss

Things I think teacher librarians should unlearn (20 & counting) « NeverEndin... - 16 views

    ...what ideas or beliefs our own subset of educators might also want to lose. (I got carried away and I will probably continue to add to this list.) A bunch of things I think teacher librarians should unlearn:
Michael Walker

Chronicling America - The Library of Congress - 11 views

    Historic Newspapers: View pages of papers from 1860-1922
Carl Bogardu

Free eBooks at Planet eBook - Classic Novels and Literature You're Free to Share - 15 views

    Classic literature for download as free eBooks
Fred Delventhal

Welcome to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library - 6 views

    Imagine if every one of your kindergartners had received 1 book a month since they were born prior to entering your classroom.
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