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Dean Mantz

Learning in Hand Blog by Tony Vincent - 10 views

  • This is the presentation where I talk about the importance of creating and sharing, focusing on iPod touch and three types of products: comics, animations, and audio podcasts.
Julie Altmark :: Words that stick - 2 views

    make a simple wall where participants can post "post it notes" Good for collaboration and discussion. Simple to use
Jeff Johnson

Libraries and commitment (Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog) - 0 views

    Let's face it, a school where text books, classroom book collections, and the "term paper" as the only means of student communication don't need much of a library. A small popular book collection and a word-processing lab with access to Google may actually be all that such a school needs. If the librarian and technology staff are viewed as not having knowledge that is sufficiently relevant to implementing and teaching IL/IT skills, the book room can be staffed by clerks and the techs can keep the e-mail server and student information system up and running from a small hidden office until those applications are outsourced. At the same time, if a school truly decides they want all their students to graduate having mastered a sophisticated set of IL/IT skills, having learned how to solve real problems creatively, and having experienced the power of global communications and collaboration, then a lack of resources - physical plant, equipment and human expertise will truly undercut this effort. Such an undertaking will require 1:1 laptop programs, well-stocked print collections, productivity labs, a fast and powerful network, good online materials, and, of course, a crackerjack professional staff to support both staff and students. 
Maggie Verster

Web Resources for Communication Skills - 0 views

    Fantastic list of great resoruces, not only for communication tools, but language resources as well
Keith Hamon » Blog Archive » How E-Learning can contribute to raisin... - 0 views

    This is an explicit plan for using technology to increase student achievement.
Jeff Johnson

AlertNow - 0 views

    AlertNow, designed specifically to address school communication needs, supplements conventional school communications and replaces outdated phone trees and automated dialing tools that require staff resources and large blocks of time to deliver messages to multiple recipients. AlertNow is the industry's only rapid communication service that displays the school phone number on caller identification devices (Caller ID) for non-emergency calls and distinguishes urgent emergency calls with a "411" caller ID display.
Jeff Johnson

Presentation Tips - 0 views

    This collection of tips was transcribed from a seminar given in Seattle by Edward Tufte
Kimberly Jurczak

YackPack - Welcome Educators! - 0 views

    Yack Pack is a great tool for communication and collaboration in your classroom.
Doug Noon

Resource Centre: Effective Communication [English Online] - 0 views

    strategies to promote the development of oral language in the classroom
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