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Allison Burrell

gClassFolders - EdListen-Resources - 37 views

    "Automagically Create Shared folders for Students" in Google Drive / Google Docs
    This website is the best news site, all the information is here and always on the update. We accept criticism and suggestions. Happy along with you here. I really love you guys. :-)
kamil kowalczyk

Create your own social network - best social network script - 0 views

    Really good article, if you want to start your own website with social networking futures. Nice software reviews and interesting info.
Ced Paine

Visión, Simple PHP/JS/CSS Photo Viewer - 0 views

shared by Ced Paine on 19 Jul 09 - Cached
    PHP slideshow script
Clay Leben

Pixton™ - Comic Strip Creator - - 0 views

    They offer a premium comic creator "virtual classroom" for schools.
    This would really help pre-visualize or script a video shoot or photo story.
Fred Delventhal

Twitter Search Results on Google for Greasemonkey - 0 views

    Shows real-time search results from Twitter on Google search pages
Fred Delventhal

Kids' Vid: Scripting Your Movie - 0 views

    The hardest part of teaching movie making is making teachers and students realize that planning, scripting storyboarding make EVERYTHING go faster and easier.

    This is the process of writing down on paper what the video is about. Is your piece a comedy? A Drama? Are you interviewing someone? Are you documenting an event? These questions and more are answered during the scripting process.
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