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John Pearce

Who is Spying On You? [infographic] - 3 views

    "I'm pretty sure that we're all aware of computer hackers. The real shocker comes with just how easy it is for hackers to steal your information. Today's infographic lets us regular folk know just how easy it is for our information to be tracked and potentially stolen. I have personally been guilty of being too trusting of public routers.  Since I don't have internet at home, I'll spend HOURS surfing the net, and getting personal things done at Mcdonalds, where the internet is free for the public to use. But not after reading today's infographic! It's crazy to realize that this entire time someone could have been cyber stalking my information! I'm going to have to beef up my antivirus and keep my internet time to a minimum. Seriously, for your personal and financial safety, read today's infographic and be protect your computer. The facts in today's infographic are too scary to ignore!"
Aaron Davis

Big mother is watching you, kids - 0 views

    The article from the New Statesmen" explores the technology out there that allows parents to spy on their children's online activities and mobile phone. However, the question put is whether it is all good or whether some such actions can be detrimental.
Ian Guest

PRISM Break - 0 views

    "Opt out of global data surveillance programs like PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora. Stop governments from spying on you by encrypting your communications and ending your reliance on proprietary services."
    via @dajbelshaw

hp printer support - 0 views

    Your laptop computer may face multiple matters. They embody issues whereas booting, declined supervise brandish price, attack by virus or spy ware etc. several users accusation that their laptop computer fails to start out, this is often a foremost problem. however will does one work till the monitor begins functioning?

3DMark 2.18.7181 Crack Advanced Edition With Key Free Download - 0 views

    3DMark 2.18.7181 Advanced Editor Crack free download is an efficient tool for computer benchmarking. It helps you to determine the performance of your computer's graphics card and CPU workload capabilities.
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