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Rachael Bath

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started by Rachael Bath on 25 Aug 11
  • Rachael Bath
    Love the new app. I listened to the latest podcast from the app and I was very Impressd. I have a couple of suggestions for updates if they are no too hard: a 30 second rewind in case we are interrupted, and an auto restart feature after the audio is interrupted with a phone call. When Listening today I had several phone calls and after each all I had to unlock my phone and resume the audio. A little hard when i'm driving. These are only suggestions and I don't even know of they are possible. Thanks for developing a way I can listen and keep up to date without sincing to my computer as I don't do this on a regular basis and then get a few weeks behind with the podcast. Now I can listen each & every week as they are posted. Thanks Tony & Darrel

    Rachael Bath
  • Rachael Bath
    I have used the app enough now I am ready to make public comment, below is a copy of what I was going to post to iTunes, I thought I'd get comment here first though.

    I still love this app. I think I was one of the first to down load it and the podcast is as great as ever but there are a few features I would like to smooth out if possible in future iterations of the app. #1 I would like to see the 30 second rewind (or something similar) as there are often things I would like to replay. #2 Also when interrupted by a phone call on the iPhone the player does not automatically restart I have to unlock the phone a d press play again. The third tweak I would love is the ability to close the app and it continues to play as I would love to be able to check out some of the web sites while they are being discussed.

    These may be limited capabilities of my iPhone 3Gs rather than down falls of the app.

    Anyone have any comments???

  • Tony Richards
    Thanks for the feedback Rachael - have discussed with Darrel and think this will be a Xmas update proces. We really appreciate you taking the time to give us your thoughts.

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