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George Couros

10+ Ways to Promote a Learning Culture in your School (revisited) : 2¢ Worth - 0 views

    • Fill your school(s) with learners.While interviewing prospective employees, ask them to  “Tell me about something that you have learned lately.” “How did you learn it?” “What are you seeking to learn more about right now?”  Also ask how they learned it. To what degree and with what proficiency are they utilizing networks.
    • Open your faculty meetings with something that you’ve just learned – and how you learned it.  It does not have to be about school, instruction, education managements, or the latest theories of learning.
    • Make frequent mention of your Twitter stream, RSS reader, specific bloggers you read.  Again, this should not be limited to job specific topics.
    • Share links to specific TED talks or other mini-lectures by interesting and smart people.  Then share and ask for reactions during faculty meetings, in the halls, or during casual conversations with employees and parents.
    • Include in the daily announcements, something new and interesting (Did you know that a California power utility has just gotten permission to sell electricity from outer space?).
    • Ask students in the halls what they’ve just learned and how they learned it, and if they would mind writing something up about it for the school web site.
    • Plant around the school and especially in the library curious questions that might spark a desire in learners (How many steps does a centipede have to take to travel a foot?  Who was the youngest person to sail around the world?).
    • Ask teachers and other staff to write reports on their latest vacation, sharing what they learned – and publish them on the school web site.
George Couros

Connected Principals | Shared views on education from a group of passionate school admi... - 1 views

  • Shared views on education from a group of passionate school administrators
  • This blog is the collected thoughts of school administrators that want to share best practices in education. All of the authors have different experiences in education but all have the same goal; ensuring we do what is best for students.
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