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Sweden plans 2,000 wind turbines - The Local - 4 views

    "The Swedish government has announced plans for the construction of 2,000 wind turbines over the next ten years, writes enterprise minister Maud Olofsson in an opinion article in Dagens Nyheter on Tuesday. The goal is to increase electricity production from renewable energy sources by 25 terawatt hours by 2020. This can be compared with a total electricity production from Swedish nuclear power in 2009 of around 50 terawatt hours."
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The Power of Sewage: It Runs Sweden's Trains, Buses and Cars »» MetaEfficient... - 0 views

    We could be generating huge amounts of power from sewage. The process is pretty simple - just ferment sewage to produce a fuel called biogas. Biogas is almost entirely methane, and so is natural gas, so the two are essential interchangeable. The potential to produce biogas is almost entirely overlooked by most countries - except Sweden.
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World Sustainable Energy Days a Success - Renewable Energy World - 0 views

    More than 100,000 people attend; a testament to the popularity of sustainable building and renewable energy in the region. by Michael Fell Wels, Upper Austria [] Last week saw the return of the World Sustainable Energy Days conference which is held every year in Wels, Upper Austria. Taking place over three days (plus a day of site visits), the conference has three main streams: the European Pellet Conference, the European Energy Efficiency Conference and Regional Biomass Action Plans. Austria is an apt location for the conference - along with Sweden it is well known as one of Europe's biggest users of pellet technology - and as the final remnants of this year's snow melted away it is plain to see why. With cold winters and real enthusiasm for efficient and sustainable building, the demand for renewable heat is strong. The country is also highly forested, providing ample raw material for pellet production in the form of sawdust and wood shavings from sawmills (along with other biomass waste).

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Inhabitat » Groundbreaking Energy Ball Wind Turbine for Home Power - 0 views

    Swedish company Home Energy recently revealed an innovative wind turbine that spins in a spherical formation. Eschewing traditional rotors for a sleek orb structure, this beautiful rethinking of conventional wind turbine design utilizes the Venturi principle, which funnels wind within the turbine's blades. The resulting spherical wind turbine features increased efficiency and lower noise levels - making it ideal for small scale energy needs such as personal home use. Best of all it's called the Energy Ball: the fun name is an added bonus.

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