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Occhiali da sole Chanel Nell'ultimo - 0 views

«I cittadini europei - osserva - devono sapere che l'immigrazione non è una minaccia alla loro sicurezza. I migranti non arrivano in Europa per violare le nostre leggi. A costringerli sono i crimin...

Occhiali da sole Oakley Radar Pitch Chanel Ronde Cadre

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Energy Net

Peak Energy: Better Wind Turbines - 0 views

    Technology Review has an article on advances in wind turbine technology - Better Wind Turbines. ExRo Technologies, a startup based in Vancouver, BC, has developed a new kind of generator that's well suited to harvesting energy from wind. It could lower the cost of wind turbines while increasing their power output by 50 percent. The new generator runs efficiently over a wider range of conditions than conventional generators do. When the shaft running through an ordinary generator is turning at the optimal rate, more than 90 percent of its energy can be converted into electricity. But if it speeds up or slows down, the generator's efficiency drops dramatically. This isn't a problem in conventional power plants, where the turbines turn at a steady rate, fed by a constant supply of energy from coal or some other fuel. But wind speed can vary wildly. Turbine blades that change pitch to catch more or less wind can help, as can transmissions that mediate between the spinning blades and the generator shaft. But transmissions add both manufacturing and maintenance costs, and there's a limit to how much changing the blade angle can compensate for changing winds.
weight to lose

12 Weeks To Get A Body Like A Muscle Magazine Cover Model - This Stuff Really Works! - 20 views

I wanted to share this site with the group because it really works. Here's the marketing sales pitch.... ….Get Secrets That Can Quickly Turn Your Body Into A M...

weight loss workout

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cheap ralph lauren outlet online uk Moreover - 0 views

She is the real ruler of this land, and I stand next to her." "Then I pray you," said Leo, "keep me out of the way of that drunken man, for, look you, if I am at...

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ralph lauren white shirt sale A very - 0 views

Then came a turn to the left, and ten more paces of passage, and lastly near certain steps running to some place unknown, another sharp turn to the right which led to our old chamber. Down the long...

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