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started by xemma789 on 06 Dec 14
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    " "Who is this Spirit?" said Leo eagerly. "I do not know, lord," he answered with impatience. "Can men see a spirit?" "_You_ look as though you might, and had, not so long ago," replied Leo, fixing his gaze on the old man's waxen face and uneasy eyes. For now their horny calm was gone from the eyes of Simbri, which seemed as though they had beheld some sight that haunted him. "You do me too much honour, lord," he replied; "my skill and vision do not reach so far. But see, here is the landing-stage, where boats await us, for the rest of our journey is by water." These boats proved to be roomy and comfortable, having flat bows and sterns, since, although sometimes a sail was hoisted, they were designed for towing, not to be rowed with oars. ralph lauren for kids sale
    Leo and I entered the largest of them, and to our joy were left alone except for the steersman. Behind us was another boat, in which were attendants and slaves, and some men who looked like soldiers, for they carried bows and swords. Now the ponies were taken from the palanquins, that were packed away, and ropes of green hide, fastened to iron rings in the prows of the boats, were fixed to the towing tackle with which the animals had been reharnessed. Then we started, the ponies, two arranged tandem fashion to each punt, trotting along a well-made towing path that was furnished with wooden bridges wherever canals or tributary streams entered the main river. "Thank Heaven," said Leo, "we are together again at last! Do you remember, Horace, that when we entered the land of Kor it was thus, in a boat? The tale repeats itself." "I can quite believe it," I answered. "I can believe anything. cheap ralph lauren polo shirts sale Leo, I say that we are but gnats meshed in a web, and yonder Khania is the spider and Simbri the Shaman guards the net. But tell me all you remember of what has happened to you, and be quick, for I do not know how long they may leave us alone." "Well," he said, "of course I remember our arrival at that Gate after the lady and the old man had pulled us out of the river, and, Horace, talking of spiders reminds me of hanging at the end of that string of yak's hide. Not that I need much reminding, for I am not likely to forget it. Do you know I cut the rope because I felt that I was going mad, and wished to die sane.What happened to you? Did you slip?" "No; I jumped after you. It seemed best to end together, so that we might begin again together. cheap ralph lauren shoes
    " "Brave old Horace!" he said affectionately, the tears starting to his grey eyes. "Well, never mind all that," I broke in; "you see you were right when you said that we should get through, and we have. Now for your tale." "It is interesting, but not very long," he answered, colouring. "I went to sleep, and when I woke it was to find a beautiful woman leaning over me, and Horace--at first I thought that it was--you know who, and that she kissed me; but perhaps it was all a dream.It was no dream I answered. I saw it.

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