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posting stories vs expanded forum usage - 46 views


started by Energy Net on 12 Apr 08
  • Energy Net

    I've not seen a lot of posting or discussion here yet, but I'm hoping that folks here are interested in how this issue and news stories come together.

    Are any of you folks using this group to post content to blogs or just keeping an eye on the stories?

    I'm currently seeding many of these stories from a large news forum called Newsvine, where many people find stories and then post them. Those stories are then picked up by me and then bookmarked here.

    The one difference between here and Newsvine, is that Newsvine is a large community, with a growing number of folks who not only seed interesting articles, they are also having conversations about the content with a bigger community that doesn't care about the issue.

    In other words. Folks using Newsvine are actually attempting to engage the larger community in looking at energy issues.

    At present this is not being done here.

    Any thoughts about this?

    I know one thing for sure, I'm using Diigo's ability to autopost the stories I find to blogs.

    How can we better use the dialogue options of Diigo to start building coordinated interest in rapdily expanding this issue?

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