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Jamini Chang

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started by Jamini Chang on 08 May 09
  • Jamini Chang
    Oil drilled from a water body is known as "offshore oil." The North Sea waters and the Gulf of Mexico have many areas with oil; there are also areas near to the coasts of Nigeria, Southeast Asia and Brazil. Petrol extraction from the oil field and drilling is done with the help of off shore oil platforms.

    These oil platforms are defined as huge structures used for housing numerous rig supplies, workers, and machinery mandatory for extracting oil from the bed of the ocean. Similar to an artificial island, some operations of oil field drilling float in one place; they can also be secured to the sea bottom. Oil rigs are generally built on the continental shelves, where the ocean is shallow enough to facilitate drilling.

    Most of the offshore oil rigs are set up to be operated without any assistance. Desalination helps in creating drinkable water while for providing electricity generators are used. Emergency support and platform supply ships also deliver supplies to the oil platforms.

    A tool used for offshore oil drilling is known as a drill ship. These ships are modified to add oil field drilling equipment. These are widely used in deep waters to explore sites that are viable sources for extracting oil. Drilling ships have dynamic systems of positioning that allows knowing where they are related to the oil well at all times so that they can remain in the same spot above it.

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