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    Six of the 11 panellists were academics).The Report also makes more than 30 recommendations that should be applied if a fracking project was to proceed ranging mandatory health and environmental impact assessments, to risk reduction, use of benign fracturing fluids, traffic management plans, occupational standards, water safety plan, industry best practices, clean up regulations, and participation in benefits.Prof Wheeler insisted the Report had integrity because all of the Expert Panel members were nominated by stakeholders, including the public, and a 鈥淐V鈥?test was applied against each in their category of expertise.And the conclusions, he said, are transferable in a general sense. He added: 鈥淢uch of what we recommended was plain common sense, including the need to recognise a 鈥榗ommunity permission to proceed鈥?and the need to model all of the impacts, positive and negative, at a regional level. 鈥淚 cannot imagine any government, or indeed any industrial actor with any sense wishing to crash through a process like unconventional gas and oil development against the wishes of local people. It would be a recipe for conflict and economic uncertainty where no-one would win. ralph lauren wholesale
    鈥淢any of our specific recommendations related to the particular circumstances of the Province of Nova Scotia, but they were based on a thorough assessment of the technical risks and uncertainties in the emerging literature on hydraulic fracturing, as well as on current practice in North America. 鈥淎nd so even the more specific recommendation probably have some benchmarking relevance for the UK and Europe in terms of the need for thorough prior assessments, monitoring, effective regulations, mitigation of social and environmental impacts and so on. 鈥淚 am sure that we have created a set of checkmarks which will be of interest to other jurisdictions considering this technology.鈥?br />He added: 鈥淲e discussed at length the hard economic and scientific questions, and I believe we have brought some realism and objectivity to bear in many areas. But we also dealt with public perceptions and the challenge of making anything happen in a democracy where people do not trust public institutions or industry to do the right thing. 鈥淥ur process absolutely underscores the value and importance of stakeholder-inclusive independent reviews of contentious issues like hydraulic fracturing, and ongoing involvement of the public in the assessment and management of risks if the technology is to be applied.鈥?br />NASA has announced the successful launch of its first spacecraft dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide to help meet the challenge of fighting climate change. ralph lauren uk The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) raced skyward from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on a United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket. Approximately 56 minutes after the launch, the observatory separated from the rocket's second stage into an initial 429-mile (690-kilometer) orbit. The spacecraft then performed a series of activation procedures, established communications with ground controllers and unfurled its twin sets of solar arrays. According to NASA, the initial telemetry shows the spacecraft is in excellent condition.OCO-2 soon will begin a minimum two-year mission to locate Earth's sources of and storage places for atmospheric carbon dioxide, the leading human-produced greenhouse gas responsible for warming the world and a critical component of the planet's carbon cycle."Climate change is the challenge of our generation," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. "With OCO-2 and our existing fleet of satellites, NASA is uniquely qualified to take on the challenge of documenting and understanding these changes, predicting the ramifications, and sharing information about these changes for the benefit of society. Cheap ralph lauren feather jacket
    "OCO-2 will take NASA's studies of carbon dioxide and the global carbon cycle to new heights. The mission will produce the most detailed picture to date of natural sources of carbon dioxide, as well as their "sinks" - places on Earth's surface where carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. The observatory will study how these sources and sinks are distributed around the globe and how they change over time."This challenging mission is both timely and important," said Michael Freilich, director of the Earth Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. "OCO-2 will produce exquisitely precise measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations near Earth's surface, laying the foundation for informed policy decisions on how to adapt to and reduce future climate change."Carbon dioxide sinks are at the heart of a longstanding scientific puzzle that has made it difficult for scientists to accurately predict how carbon dioxide levels will change in the future and how those changing concentrations will affect Earth's climate."Scientists currently don't know exactly where and how Earth's oceans and plants have absorbed more than half the carbon dioxide that human activities have emitted into our atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial era," said David Crisp, OCO-2 science team leader at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

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