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Andrew Wilkie

Publish in pdf - 5 views

I believe there should be a plugin in epf composer to support publishing in pdf similar to RMC. That way it will be convenient for auditors and senior managers, who still couldn't adapt wiki concepts.

Onno van der Straaten

OpenUP - 0 views

    OpenUP is a lean Unified Process that applies iterative and incremental approaches within a structured lifecycle. OpenUP embraces a pragmatic, agile philosophy that focuses on the collaborative nature of software development. It is a tools-agnostic, low-ceremony process that can be extended to address a broad variety of project types.
Onno van der Straaten

EPF Dev mailing list - 0 views

    The email list for EPF committers and contributors
Onno van der Straaten

The Process Practice - 0 views

  • ded the ability to select a base configuration when creating a Tailoring Session
Onno van der Straaten

Practice: Concurrent Testing - 0 views

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