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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Robyn Jay

Robyn Jay

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    "2011 Top 100 Tools List and Presentation"
Robyn Jay

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    It's been roughly two months since the launch of the Department of Education's Digital Promise, and though it's still very early in the process, a few pointed goals are emerging.

    The main premise behind Digital Promise is to serve as a national center for research to spur innovation that will improve learning through technology, said Karen Cator, Department of Education's Director of Technology.

    At this point, the center has three goals:

    1. To bring smart ideas based on sound research to those who can bring it to life. More specifically giving entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators who create new learning products a central place to access the vast amount of research that's already been conducted about how we learn and ways to improve learning.

    2. To offer challenges and prizes as an incentive to those who can find ways to vastly improve opportunities to learn.

    3. To create an organization where schools and leaders can work together on problems with using technology to improve learning. This group is called the League of Innovative Schools, and at this very early stage, it's a loosely knit collaboration of people who've expressed interest in becoming involved.

    Within this group, there are three specific goals.

    Making sure that schools and districts are informed and supportive of innovation when investing in new technologies - it's what Cator refers to as "smart demand."
    Gathering evidence and learning more about what's already happening in schools and districts with respect to using technology. Harvard professor and Macarthur Fellow Roland Continue reading →

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