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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Paul Jinks

Paul Jinks

Humanizing online learning - 2 views

shared by Paul Jinks on 15 Dec 16 - No Cached
  • In our digital age of knowledge abundance, an educator's value is no longer derived through the delivery of content. Rather, our new focus is on designing human-centered learning experiences. Humanized learning leverages the potential of digital technologies to bridge physical distances, connect people, foster relationships, and build community. This process blends course design and facilitation, while engaging the cognitive and affective domains of learning.
    Really nice slideshow about the importance of community for deep learning experiences online.
Paul Jinks

Nine questions to ask when choosing modes of delivery | Tony Bates - 1 views

    1. What kind of learners are likely to take this course? What are their needs? Which mode(s) of delivery will be most appropriate to these kinds of learners? Could I reach more or different types of learners by choosing a particular mode of delivery?
    2. What is my view of how learners can best learn on this course? What is my preferred method(s) of teaching to facilitate that kind of learning on this course?
    3. What is the main content (facts, theory, data, processes) that needs to be covered on this course?
    4. What are the main skills that learners will need to develop on this course? What are the ways in which they can develop/practice these skills?
    5. How can technology help with the presentation of content on this course?
    6. How can technology help with the development of skills on this course?
    7. When I list the content and skills to be taught, which of these could be taught:
    fully online
    partly online and partly face-to-face
    can only be taught face-to-face?
    8. What resources do I have available for this course in terms of:
    professional help from instructional designers and media producers
    possible sources of funding for release time and media production
    good quality open educational resources
    9. In the light of the answers to all these questions, which mode of delivery makes most sense?"
Paul Jinks

A Teenager's View on Social Media - Backchannel - Medium - 1 views

  • Facebook is often used by us mainly for its group functionality. I know plenty of classmates who only go on Facebook to check the groups they are part of and then quickly log off. In this part Facebook shines—groups do not have the same complicated algorithms behind them that the Newsfeed does. It is very easy to just see the new information posted on the group without having to sift through tons of posts and advertising you don't really care about.
Paul Jinks

Illinois Online Network: Alternatives to the Online Lecture - 2 views

    "Design the curriculum of an online course to cause dialogue among the students".
Paul Jinks

Illinois Online Network | ION Resources | Online Teaching Activity Index - 2 views

    Great selection of ideas for online learning.
Paul Jinks

Toolkit | The Open Education Consortium - 8 views

    Information and Resources on open educational resources.
Paul Jinks

The cheat sheet to choosing effective education apps - Daily Genius - 4 views

    • n an attempt to uncover what works, I combed through a few hundred apps and analyzed them by asking the following questions:

      • How easy is this app to use for less tech-savvy students and teachers?
      • Is the app free? This is crucial for multi-device or BYOD classrooms.
      • What are other educators saying about this app?
      • How are an array of classrooms using this app?
      • How often should the app be used?
      • Can the app be used out of the classroom? Is it designed to be easy enough to use when teachers or classroom leaders aren’t there to help?
Paul Jinks

Using Brain Research to Design Better eLearning Courses: 7 Tips for Success - 7 views

    Thought provoking article on using 'brain research' in education.
Paul Jinks

Do We REALLY Need to Do New Things in New Ways? | CTQ - 3 views

    Nice elaboration of the argument that what we value in digital learning is not new, it's just easier to achieve.
Paul Jinks

BBC World Service - The Documentary, The Education Revolution, Massive Open Online Courses - 3 views

    Interesting programme on MOOCs and the future of education.
Paul Jinks

Learning Theories Every Teacher should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile L... - 9 views

    Handy graphical overview of different theories of learning: behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism and connectivism. Doesn't get hung up over which is 'right' but makes claims for the usefulness of each.
Paul Jinks

Open Educational Resources (OER) - A Video Primer | Contact North - 4 views

    What are Open Educational Resources (3 mins)
    Comparing Commercial and Open Educational Resources (7mins)

    From the Ontario Online Learning Portal.
Paul Jinks

Developing digital literacies - Jisc infoNet - 2 views

    JISC InfoKit on digital literacies.
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