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Sheila Morris

VoiceThread - Single Educator License - Products - 1 views

    This is great intro into the power of this tool. I had never heard of it before. It sounds like it would be worth the cost . Does anyone have experience with using it
Jessica MKE

VoiceThread - About - Digital Library - 2 views

  • One of the drawbacks of online learning has always been that the student feels isolated and unconnected with either his or her classmates and the Professor.
  • Truly exemplary online classes require that the student interact between: The Student and the Course Content The Student and his or her Classmates The Student and the Professor
  • Threads links to:
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  • Have my students Introduce themselves to all in the class
  • Provide them with a Course Tour once they are in the class
  • Debate and discuss all the issues in my class using their microphone or webcam
  • The VoiceThread
    • Jessica MKE
      I will be recommending this and looking for ways to use it myself.
    This looks like a fabulous opportunity. In addition to the instructor posting commentary, students can use it to make their introductions or take part in a debate-which is how I intend to use it.
Sharon Benini

VoiceThread - Support - Resources - Publications K-12 - 3 views

  • Abstract: In this paper we share our experiences with using asynchronous video communications to increase teacher immediacy and social presence during a technology integration course for pre-service teachers. We describe three cases where asynchronous video was used to facilitate instructor-student and peer-to-peer communications. The online tools used were Facebook, VoiceThread, and video blogs created by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Brigham Young University (BYU). Our initial findings indicate that the use of regular video instructor-student and peer-to-peer communication can be an effective way to improve instructor immediacy and social presence in an online environment while maintaining the flexibility that draws students to online learning.
    Voicethread uses technology to combine the visual with audio interpretations.  I have used VT in my middle school art classes where students created the visual (illustration for the book), wrote the text, and then recorded their version of the book. This site gives support for using VT in the classroom.
Maggie Rouman

Teaching Without Walls: Life Beyond the Lecture - 1 views

    Sharing ideas, engaging in large and small group discussions, and doing presentations are all regular components of face-to-face learning and I'd imagine the thought of removing all of these verbal activities from offline college classes would rile up some concerns.  So, why is it that we aren't focusing more on the integration of voice into a students' online learning experience?
    Great ideas about how to incorporate VoiceThread in online classes.

VoiceThread - 0 views

  • A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too.
    A VoiceThread allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - that are basically user friendly. A great collaborative tool for students and adults!
    The grade 1 and 2 students at my school recently finished a global project involving 9 schools on 5 continents using voice thread. It is an amazing tool that I had not looked at until now! Now I know why everyone was so excited about the project.
Denise Wallace

Voicethread 4 Education - home - 0 views

  • comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too.
    Voice, pictures, videos, introduction tool
    An e-tool used to share pictures, text, videos. Especially intriguing as a class introduction tool.

VoiceThread - Conversations in the cloud - 4 views

shared by mcphailj on 28 Jun 10 - Cached
  • Presence Text alone can’t deliver the subtlety and expression required for meaningful connection. If text were enough, we wouldn’t use emoticons, get on planes, or use web-conferencing software. VoiceThreading is a more human way to connect.
    A tool for having conversations around media. Upload pictures and then add comments. I've seen this used for students around the world to post pictures of their homes and then comment on the differences and similarities. Great language tool because comments are written and/or spoken. Great cultural tool because of the addition of media.
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    VoiceThread is a great tool for asynchronous communication about a specific image, document, or presentation. While text is neat, there is something special about listening to someone's voice.
    VoiceThreads could be created featuring presentations (about a primary document related to immigration) for teacher and student use, encourageing reflection (of historic photograph(s) taken at Ellis Island) by students, and host a debate (about immigration).
    VoiceThread is a great way to add voice to an online class. Students can create and participate in discussions with voice rather than simply text.
    This, right here, is what I desperately wish my students had in place of Finalsite as a way of creating blogs for their school Mission Portfolios. I know it isn't set up the exact same way, but it would certainly accomplish nearly the same purpose.
    Bridges the gap between real-time discussions and the standard video lecture.
    voice, visuals and real prescence
    I think this could be a useful tool to communicate online. The "Text can't replace you" is what caught my eye.  It offers voice to your writing.
Ruth Bass

How to Use Voice Thread - 4 views

    This is a great resource shared by M. Kirby that shows voicethreads in multiple grade levels and subject areas!
    Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too. Users can doodle while commenting
Joyce Pederson

Top 100 Tools: VoiceThread - 1 views

    This presentation tool could be used in any content area as students extend their learning through creative and collaborative projects. It is free and highly rated. Lots of application possibilities with this one.
    This one looks like fun to use! Maybe even for family holiday creative "shows".
Nicole Suri

VoiceThread - Conversations in the cloud - 6 views

    • Aaron Sato
      Definitely play this
    • Susan Hinkley
      Awesome, especially for a world language teacher! As an example, I could post a picture and ask students to talk about it/describe it. Great for a fun oral assessment tool. Thanks for sharing this!!
    • Sandy Madelung
      I love this tool and can't wait to use it for answering emails, making Blackboard announcements, and explaining new content to students.
  • Anytime, anywhere
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  • collaborate wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.
    Great to try as an audio discussion board.
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    Allows you to have an interactive audio discussion.
    A menu of voice thread presentations from the recent Sloan C Symposium on Emerging Technologies in E-learning
    This tool allows groups to have a conversation around a visual. Very Cool!
    I love this website for online teaching if you have to present a lot of content. I also use it if I have a lot of students who are going to be absent for a particular lecture. This site allows you to upload lecture motes of some kind, and then narrate those notes. Additionally, people you invite to view your presentation can make comments or ask questions within each individual slide. It's a fantastic tool for asynchronous teaching.
    Great site for interacting asynchronously in many forms.
    This tool allow collaboration over one document. This can be by voice, video or type. Ideas: Art classes, editing, practicing for speeches, science projects, history from those that lived it. Or personal uses such as long distance communication about student's homework with parents.
    A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Use it to for online discussion and collaborative project based learning.
    VoiceThread is an interactive tool that allows for collaborating, sharing, and commenting. VoiceThread is a free program that can be operated by students and easily monitored by teachers. It allows for uploading pictures, narration by the creator and commenting by other viewers in 5 different ways-including audio and text. It has revolutionized story telling and can be used by teachers in all subject areas to present and share information. VoiceThread can be used as a creation, discussion, and assessment tool. VoiceThread is changing the way in which information in presented and shared.
    I have used this to present PowerPoint with videos and voice over
    Hope you find this tool helpful! Sandy in Madison
    A tool to add an explanation or details using your own voice and an illustration.
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