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Nigel Coutts

Why do we teach? - The Learner's Way - 2 views

    Only those who have taught a class for a year, who have struggled with the challenges faced by students and who have shared in the moments of success will truly understand why we teach. Maybe that is why we seek out opportunities to gather and share what we do, to spend even a Saturday in the company of those who "get" what it is that we do and why we do it. Teaching is a beautiful thing to be a part. 
Maryruth Hicks

Discovery Education Web2013 : Web 2.0 Tools - Video Tools - 4 views

    • Melissa Shasteen
      Animoto would be great to use to create visuals for a new topic. I might use this to build background knowledge before reading a non-fiction text.
    • Melissa Shasteen
      Create an avatar - this would be a different way to engage students for a flipped lesson.
    • Melissa Shasteen
      The free account does not look like it gives you that much. I worry about using too much different types of programs and overwhelming the students.
    Video tools that allow you to create your own avatars and other animations that can be used for teaching and learning. Media-based tools that reach out to diverse learning styles...
    Media-based tools help teachers and trainers reach all learners, regardless of their diverse learning styles. Additionally, tools like the avatar generate demonstrations that foster interactive learning and engagement.
John Porterfield

Five Technology Lessons Every Teacher Can Teach! - 0 views

    Have you been hesitating to introduce technology into your classroom because you think your tech-savvy students know so much more than you do? Today's the day to conquer that fear with some easy lessons that even a newbie can teach -- and learn from!
Andy LeGoullon

WizIQ | Making Online Teaching & Learning Easier and Affordable - 3 views

  • Integrate WizIQ WizIQ is highly extensible and easily integrates with your existing system using our APIs: a website, Moodle, a favorite LMS, or a content management system.
  • Creating a successful course for online education is similar to working in the traditional realm, and yet in many ways, completely different.
    This is a collaboration and sharing site full of free online resources, classes, and lectures. Teachers can post and students can view lectures or classes on various topic around the world.
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    WiZiQ is an education platform with a Web-based, online virtual classroom conferencing system, and Web 2.0 tools for collaboration.
    This seems to be a great site for many instructors. It alows instrustors to discuss different areas of teaching. I am an Automotive instructor at a technical college, and like most other web 2.0 sites there is not a lot of Automotive related content here. I think this might be a great place to start??
    Making online teaching and learning easier for everyone Over 150,000 teachers and 2 million learners are using WizIQ
    Wiziq allows your to connect with your students in realtime via a whiteboard, audio, video, or chat
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