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Grading for Student Achievement | - 2 views

    This is a scoop it magazine on grading for student achievement. This selection contains information about standards based grading, the rationale for grading students on achievement, the backlash against standards based grading, the use of zeros in grading, and assessing the achievement of African Americans in education.
John Porterfield

Lancaster High School - Media Center Student Research Links - 0 views

    Links to web-based resources for all content areas that will assist students in completing research assignments at Lancaster High School.

Edmodo | Where Learning Happens | Sign up, Sign In - 4 views

    • Kait Sanford
      Edmoto is a great way to introduce students to online communities. It models Facebook, which could be dangerous if teachers are trying to create learning community and not just a social community. However, it is a great stepping stone into what online courses involve.
    • Rebecca Brink
      I agree that it models Facebook quite closely. I saw this as a perk in the light that it was easy for them to grasp how to use.
  • Where learning happens.
  • safely connecting in online classrooms, collaborating on assignments
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  • collaborating on assignments, discovering new resources
    Edmodo helps your students keep organized with homework, lesson notes, calendars, and teacher help. 
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    "Edmodo helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential."
    I tried using this as a Learning Management System (LMS) a few years ago.  I was introduced to it through a Science Technology and Mathematics (STEM) Institute I attended.  I found it to be beneficial in aiding students with personal responsibility, by having information available at all times to access.  I moved away from using it when Google Documents became a feature for all of our students.  It was much easier to share that way.  We know use Haiku Learning that has many similar features but allows for Google Drive being linked.
    This is great for having class discussions that you want to be private, so that you as the teacher can facilitate the conversation.
    online outlet for student collaboration
    Students can take quizzes, share ideas, work on assignments and discover new resources.
    I would use this community tool for cooperative learning activities. The value of other perspectives from different backgrounds is paramount as students collaborate on a given topic.
Sharon Tomski

Socrative | Student Response System | Audience Response Systems | Clicker | Clickers | ... - 0 views

    Free student response system. Great for exit tickets, formative assessments. App available for smart phones, ipods, etc. Can also access on a computer.
Debi Griggs

Does PowerPoint Help or Hinder Student Learning? | Faculty Focus - 3 views

  • oo often we forget how significantly teaching practices shape learning experiences and PowerPoint is a perfect example.
  • Most studies find that PowerPoint has “no measurable influence on course performance and minimal effect on grades
  • Yet students often report a favorable view of PowerPoint, saying it helps them with learning, content organization and note taking. The students in this cohort confirmed these positive effects
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  • the software organized lecture content and indicated which points were most important.
  • And then there’s the potential of PowerPoint to oversimplify the material
  • What students need to know is reduced to a bulleted list of five items described in five words or less
  • also worry that using PowerPoint encourages passivity.
  • PowerPoint does not easily accommodate digressions or a change in order that responds to what’s happening at the moment.
    • Debi Griggs
      Although I seldom use PPT in classes, when I do it is to accommodate digressions. The points help me return to the major points of the activity or lesson.
    Ideas to keep in mind when one depends too much on PPT
Meredith Smith

Facebook - 1 views

    Facebook pages and/or Facebook groups can be used interactively by people. They can be used for calendars, events, pictures, discussions, links, and there are other possibilities.
    If you use Facebook, be sure to like our E-Learning and Online Teaching page at: ! Daily updates on E-Learning Issues. Job leads too! ~ Dennis
Thomas Sagstetter

Draw Something App: Pictionary for Your Mobile Device - 1 views

    Great app for young learners and I have used in the ESL classroom.  It is a fun and interactive way to learn new vocabulary using mobile technology.
Thomas Sagstetter

Socrative | Student Response System | Audience Response Systems | Clicker | Clickers | ... - 1 views

  • Socrative is a smart student response syste
  • smart student response system
  • Teachers control the questions and games on their laptop
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  • students respond and interact through their smartphones/laptops
  • Real Time Formative Assessment
    Great way to use mobile devices and computers in the classroom!
Jenifer Melton

38 Interesting Blog Ideas for Classroom Blogs - 2 views

    • Jenifer Melton
      A pencast or a digital screen shot/recorder can also be linked to any blog to show a step by step guide.
Jenifer Melton

Tech the Plunge - 4 views

    Building a Student/Teacher Collaborative Website using Google Sites
Rosanne Ragnacci

Simple tools for digital classroom | November Learning - 0 views

  • Find a couple of tech-savvy kids in each of your classes to help
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
    This site presents a few guidelines for using technology in the classroom, student bloging and teacher resources.

Education Week's Digital Directions: Students Sound Off on School Tech Use - 0 views

    • mmac45
      I can't believe only half said they do this.
  • growing frustration among students that they have to “power down” their use of technology when they enter school buildings.
  • Outside of school, about half the 140,000 middle and high school students who participated in the survey reported using e-mail, instant-messaging tools, and text messages to communicate with classmates about homework, and the same number said they used social-networking Web sites to collaborate with their peers on school projects.
    What do students think about technology in the classroom...
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    What do students think about technology in the classroom... Click and see...Powerful to know what they are thinking....
    My high school principal shared this article with the faculty, and it sheds light on the way some students feel hampered whant trying to use technology in school. It offers some student insight and some surprising issues. Students don't use technology to communicate with others about homework as often as I thought. Also, students are well-aware of budgetary constraints.
    This article helps explain why we need to use more technology in the classroom.
Diane Schummer

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) - 1 views

  • The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), as the preeminent organization for clinical laboratory science practitioners, provides dynamic leadership and vigorously promotes all aspects of clinical laboratory science practice, education and management to ensure excellent, accessible cost-effective laboratory services for the consumers of health care. We hope this website will be a useful and informative addition to your membership benefits!
    • Diane Schummer
      This web site provides excellent educational resources for clinical laboratory students.
    The resources I am sharing here are not necessarily directly related to online work or teaching - but they are resources I use on a regular basis and they could easily be incorporated into teaching clinical laboratory students. I'm also using them as a way to learn to use diigo.
Lynette Russell

wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit - 0 views

    This site is designed to house "how to" answers to just about any topic. Readers can contribute their own "how to" components and upload them to the site. Readers are encouraged to write on a topic not yet covered, or to edit an article already on the site.
    This site is the ultimate public "how to" with user-created articles - at this point over 62,000. Lynette Russell
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