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Connect MacBook to TV or Projector wirelessly - 0 views

    :Prijector enables you to set up a wireless presentation or screen mirroring in a few minutes. Rather than connect the MAC to TV with so many wires across the wall, the MacBook to TV connection makes it wireless. This means you do not have to move to where the TV is to do your presentation or long cable running to behind the TV. It is a simple but highly effective technology.

Wikispaces - Campus - K-12 Education - 0 views

    • Kait Sanford
      Could use this as a place to share discussions and create an online community within the classroom. A little more professional than Edmodo so the students don't treat it like Facebook
  • collaboration environment
  • Determine who sees content and how they use it
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  • Why reinvent the wheel? Turn successful wikis into templates and share best practices year after year.
  • Student Portfolios

    Each student cultivates a unique online space to showcase their best work, and teachers assess performance as it progresses.

  • Project-Based Learning

    Student groups collaborate on projects that address real-world questions, and share their findings with a real-world audience.

  • Student Assignments

    Teachers post homework, group work, and classroom goals

    Seems like a great way to great a class site. Would work for communication and have full access. Not sure what the cost break down would be like for a district in comparison to other online environments.
    Wikis can enrich the writing classroom by providing fun ways for students to collaborate and learn from each other.
Michelle Altenberger

My Drive - Google Drive - 3 views

  • Create Google Docs and more.
    We frequently use this at work for taking minutes during meetings, sharing lists, documents, and reports with coworkers, and keeping progress monitoring data on students involved in ongoing interventions.  Invaluable resource!  
    I have loved using Google Drive in all of my course this year. Students can collaborate on one PowerPoint all create their own slides at the same time! Teachers and students can leave comments for immediate feedback.
Rick Gauger - 1 views

Great tool for using PPT or Keynote presentations you already have made up.

slides ppt keynote presentations share

started by Rick Gauger on 21 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
Stephanie Vobornik

JING - 0 views

    Jing is a software that allows you to capture screen shots or videos in real time from your desk top. You are able to upload the screen shots or videos to your blog, IM or twitter.

    I may use this tool for doing a demonstration in my class. It would be a great tool for introducing a new technology. It could be used to do a number of different projects such as an introduction video, presentation or demo.
    more from
J. Norville

Vimeo Basics - 0 views

    This site allows you to upload your personal videos, share with others, make contact with other Vimeo members and comment on their videos.
    This site will be great for the Foreign Language class. Students will be able to video their role plays or dialogues and post them for the class group to view and comment using a stated rubric.
Nicole Snorek

Social Foreign Language Learning Web 2.0 Style | Free Language - 0 views

    foreign language online learning possibilites in 2.0.
Ann Kenady

Using PBworks in Education - 2 views

  • You can even collaborate with fellow educators on courses and curriculum, and manage the work of running your school or district.
  • You control who can view and edit your workspace
  • PBworks lets you create a secure online workspace in about 60 seconds. Encourage classroom participation with interactive wiki pages that students can view and edit from any computer.

    Share class resources and completed student work with parents

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  • At your University

    • Make distance learning more interactive and collaborative, support research teams, and improve inter-departmental coordination. 

    "PBworks proved its worth practically overnight, and I expect the number of users to balloon." 
    --Patricia Cloud,  University of Chicago

    One of my colleagues introduced me to this site today.
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    A place to host a wikispace for use with students. Students and teachers can share, edit, and comment on uploaded content. Anything from a word document to a video can be uploaded for all members to view.
    I had an introduction to PBWorks via the Assessment class and I can see a number of different applications for it in our blended, college-level classes.
    If you take the time to master the PB wiki environment, it can be a fine platform for creating your e-Portfolio. Wikis do have a learning curve, but what technology doesn't. PBworks (once called Peanut Butter Wiki) is well established and has a rick toolset.
Dan Kovach

Creative Commons - 4 views

    • Monique Rogers
      This site would be a great place to send my students to learn more about the rights they have to use and share creative works
  • What is Creative Commons?
    Creative Commons helps you share your knowledge and creativity with the world.

    Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical
    infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and
    creative commons
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    "Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that increases
    sharing and improves collaboration. "
    Creative Commons helps people to share what they have created in an appropriate and legal way. It also makes finding and using creative content legally easier.
    Copyright permission
    Allows users to easily incorporate selected copyright notice into materials they create. Helps with questions of copyright but allows information to be used freely. Also has materials others have created and placed in CC.
    I like this as a way to enter into the conversation about copyright laws and web content. There are a number of "life in the digital world" aspects that we tend to ignore or avoid in education due to their complexities and our own ignorance. This is a great vehicle to take us into that realm of discussion.
John Mulvaney

Facebook - 0 views

    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them
    Facebook allows its users to communicate through social networking and allso allows for live chat with "friends" allows for blogging and video upload and pcture upload
Frances Lo

A Guide to Annotating using Diigo on Vimeo - 3 views

    A guide to annotating and sharing web pages using Diigo.
    Fran this is a solid resource! It provides a good conceptual overview of how Diigo functions. As Diigo evolves and changes some of the specific button directions may drift, but for the big picture, this should help folks get calibrated. Thanks! ~ Den
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