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Becky Esterby

Engaging The Reluctant Student to Learn. - 2 views

    This blog post identifies the reasons for disengaged or reluctance in learning and some recommendations for teachers to overcome them.
Jack Hanpton

Standard Edition of Learning Management System (LMS) - 0 views

    Red Chip Solutions offers Knowledge Presenter, which is the Standard Edition Learning Management System (LMS) in the market.
Deborah Pace

Universal Design for Learning: application for technology enhanced learning. 51. Retri... - 4 views

AUTHORS: Morra, T., & Reynolds, J. (2010). This is an excellent article because it deals with learners with different abilities and the need for Universal Design Learning (UDL). As a learner and f...

udl universal design learning centered student learner

started by Deborah Pace on 13 Oct 11 no follow-up yet
Dr. Jill Klefstad

21st Century Teacher - 0 views

  • We too must continue to absorb experiences and knowledge
  • We must model the behaviours that we expect from our studen
    this site gives characteristics of a 21st century learner and also the characteristics of the 21st century teacher
Jan Ederati

Automatic detection of learning styles for an e-learning system - 0 views

    Characteristics of e-learning styles.
Dr. Jill Klefstad

Transformational Learning - 0 views

  • If they successfully navigate the disorientation and distress, incorporating new insights and perspectives into their lives, we can say that transformational learning has taken place.
    • Dr. Jill Klefstad
      In what way did the study involving critical questions cause students to be disoriented? How did students incorporate new insights and perspectives through critical questioning?
  • When a person is required to master a new skill
    • Dr. Jill Klefstad
      skill of critical questioning?
  • the assistance of a community of practitioners is essential to the transformational process
    • Dr. Jill Klefstad
      Need a community to help with the transformation
    The process of transformational learning involves a struggle within self. Included in this article are the stages of Jack Mezirow's Tranformational Theory. Also included is the concept of a "community of practice" evolving out of the social theory of learning, which reiterates that learning is not just about acquiring new facts but also about skills and relationships which empower and change us.
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