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Jing: Free Small Vidoe Capture Program for 5 Minute Online Video Instructions - 2 views

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    • Melissa Shasteen
      Jing is a great (free) resource to use to make screenshot videos. I used this program when creating videos of myself talking with a powerpoint for a flipped lesson.
    • Lisa Jones
      Thanks for sharing the free resource to make screenshot videos, This will be very helpful in the class I want to build as students learn in many different formats.


      Lisa Jones
    Use Jing to... Take Screenshots: Capture an image of what you see on your computer screen Record Screencasts: Record up to 5 minutes of onscreen video Collaborate: Jing's older siblings - Snagit and Camtasia - are great for editing and enhanced sharing View Features " Looking for Jing Pro?
    I love this tool. Create short video instructions with audio as you capture what you are doing onscreen. We used it to show instructors how to use certain tools in Desire2Learn. This is a small, free version of Camtasia and does not allow you to edit. It also must be under 5 minutes. Perfect for short instructions.
Dennis OConnor

Free Technology for Teachers: Grading Made Easy with Diigo & Jing - 9 views

  • Both Diigo and Jing have been written about on numerous occasions here at the Free Technology for Teachers blog, but I wanted to share my experiences using both tools when grading assignments. I teach an information literacy course for the college where I work as a librarian. This course requires students to create an annotated bibliography as their final project; but there‚Äôs one issue that I continually run into time and time again - students would submit their sources throughout the quarter, but when it came time to put the bibliography together, they never could find their sources again which left them scrambling to search for additional content. This past quarter, I tried something completely different, and it worked beautifully!
Stephanie Vobornik

JING - 0 views

    Jing is a software that allows you to capture screen shots or videos in real time from your desk top. You are able to upload the screen shots or videos to your blog, IM or twitter.

    I may use this tool for doing a demonstration in my class. It would be a great tool for introducing a new technology. It could be used to do a number of different projects such as an introduction video, presentation or demo.
    more from

Jing - Add visuals to your online conversations - 0 views

    Here is a tool to capture screen shots and share with others.
JoAnn Harrison

Jing | Add visuals to your online conversations - 0 views

    The free version of Camtasia. Allows you to record or snap a picture of you computer screen and share it via email or web.
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    This is a free screen capture program that can be used to show a 5 minute video on how to do something. For example, how to create a Moodle forum.
    This is a five minute screen capture program that will create videos to be emailed or shared in a blog.
    Instead of telling people how to do things, show them
    Has potential to be used to train teachers to build their own website. Use to train students how to use other presentation products.
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