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Admission Times

Top 5 Free Admission Websites Every College Student Should Know ... - 2 views

    In this era of rapid changes, top educational websites for students plays a crucial role in providing the relevant information about the Universities in USA. A lot factors are to be assessed and shortlisted regarding the USA Universities, before getting into one. Many key factors like deadlines, scholarships, ranking, application procedure, academic qualification, tuition fees , and exams, plays a critical role on students' as well as on parents' mind. To remove all those perplex situation, a list of Top Educational Websites in USA is given below -

brain-based e-learning | - 1 views

    multiple sources on brain-based learning, social-emotional learning, and educational technology
Scott Carey

GE Predix MicroApps as a model for educational software development - 2 views

apps microapps GE educational software e-learning

started by Scott Carey on 21 Oct 13 no follow-up yet

90 Twitter Tools Teachers Should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learni... - 4 views

    I honestly had no clue that Twitter had so many apps and that it could successfully be used in the classroom. I am impressed. I will definitely be using some of these.
Jay Marston Magazine-Mobile Apps for AP test Prep - 1 views

    Here is my magazine for high school AP teachers.
Monique Jordan

Angela Maiers Educational Services: Discussion: Is Curiosity Valued in Your Classroom? - 0 views

    I found this blog interesting in both the content and the actual blog format.
Carol Hartmann

21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning - 0 views

  • Welcome to the future! This is a blog devoted to educators intent on infusing technology and 21st century education into the classroom.
    Michael Gorman is a longtime librarian whose edtech blog was awarded Top 100 Education Blogs by View the blogroll reviews of current emerging Web 2.0 technologies with transformative educational application for schools and libraries to empower students and their teachers/instructors/facilitators.
Jerome VanKirk

Educational Blogging (EDUCAUSE Review) | EDUCAUSE - 0 views

    An helpful article (although dated) from Educause that describes the development and uses of blogs for educators. Helpful for the beginner wanting integrate blogging into education.
Ruth Regent-Smith

Free Educational Software And Games - 0 views

  • for grown-ups. We have a large selection of web-based software (check the
    Great site for finding games and other activities that will engage students.
Andrea Kittelson - 0 views

    This website is great for educational entertainment. It has a ton of information that better explains certain things in all different subjects. You can even utilize the "free trial" first to see if this is something for you or not. Check it out! :-)
Carol Kubota

Team8-2 - home - 1 views

    And you thought wikis were boring. Check out this wiki.
Dennis OConnor

Journal of Educational Technology & Society - 0 views

  • The Journal of Educational Technology & Society is included in the Thomson Scientific Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) with impact factor of 0.904 according to Thomson Scientific 2008 Journal Citations Report.
    Open source journal. Full text pdf download is free. International flavor with articles from primarily university practicicioners.
Aldena Cherva

Illinois Online Network: Your source for Technology Enhanced and Online Education Infor... - 0 views

    The Illinois Online Network (ION) is a collaboration of all community colleges in Illinois and the University of Illinois working together to advance utilization of technology enhanced and Internet-based instruction and service. I have found this web site to be full of useful practical information, tips, tools, and techniques for the online facilitator.

Questioning Toolkit - 14 views

  • These are questions which touch our hearts and souls
  • Essential Questions would be at the center of all the other types of questions
  • probe the deepest issues confronting us
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Essential Questions are at the heart of the search for Truth.
  • offer the organizing focus for a unit
  • Most Essential Questions are interdisciplinary in nature. They cut across the lines created by schools and scholars to mark the terrain of departments and disciplines.
  • Many of us believe that schools should devote more time to Essential Questions and less time to Trivial Pursuit.
    New and different questioning skills added to your resume are always welcome - here are some to consider
  • ...10 more comments...
    On-line questioning
    Questioning Tools
    A resource to help create discussion questions
    Examples of effective questioning techics to expand learning
    great essential questions! Part of suggested reading for class that will readily apply to teaching!
    from The Educational Technology Journal
    Toolkit which contains several dozen kinds of questions and questioning tools.
    Module 3 - This guide from Penn State leads you through an excellent tutorial on how to use questions to promote critical thinking. *Study this resource. You'll be asked to apply these ideas to create your own discussion prompt. (Bookmark this site with Diigo!)
    McKenzie defines and provides examples for seventeen types of questions. As a facilitator it is your task to ask questions that deepen thinking and expand on essential ideas.
    From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
    Questions are always important
    Use as a cluster diagram!
Ann Williams

Educational Leadership:How Teachers Learn:Learning with Blogs and Wikis - 2 views

  • , digital tools now help fulfill Elmore's desire for fresh "portals through which new knowledge about teaching and learning can enter schools." Specifically, thousands of accomplished educators are now writing blogs about teaching and learning, bringing transparency to both the art and the science of their practice.
    • Ann Williams
      using blogs and wikis as educational development resources
    A nice article about the use of blogs and other interactive media for collaboration and professional development. Some good points made.
    Advantages of blogs and kiwis professional development
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