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Debi Griggs

E-Portfolios: Are We There Yet? -- Campus Technology - 2 views

  • The push toward e-portfolios is not just a willy-nilly "technology is causing a revolution and I don't know what we're doing" type of change. Our whole culture has gone digital, knowledge has changed entirely--yes, it's a big change, but we actually know the way to go. We have evidence in the practices gathered together that gives us a pathway forward.
    The cultural change that must accompany the move toward using e-portfolios as a method of assessing learning.
Dennis OConnor

Here's Why You Need an E-Learning Portfolio » The Rapid eLearning Blog - 5 views

    • Dennis OConnor
      This is an excellent idea for both instructional design and online teaching.  I wish I'd captured a few artifacts from the dozens of classes I taught for a private university.  As it was, all I had was a list of course titles I'd taught. (Which certainly helped my credibility)
  • Build a case study for each project.  It doesn’t need to be overly fancy.  Describe the project objectives, what you did, and the results. If you have examples add them.  If not, at least try to add some screenshots. 
  • Create a blog to document your learning. 
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    • Dennis OConnor
      Blogs can be idea factories where you publish first draft thinking (with a bit of polish).  You can then revisit your earlier ideas and revise and re-purpose your work for your portfolio.  Alternately you can link to your active blogs to give a potential employer a sense of your current thinking and interests. 
  • Network with others.  A portfolio’s no good if you have no place to show it(your blog) or share it (your network).  The good thing with blogging and other social tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is that you connect with others in the industry.  You’ll learn a lot and others will get to know you and your skills.  It’s a great way to prepare for opportunities.  Just ask Cammy.
  • Opportunities exist.  However, when you’re not prepared, you don’t bother looking; and if you do look, you don’t always know what to look for. 
  • n addition, because you maintain a portfolio of your skills, you’re more apt to think about the skills you need for the portfolio.  It then becomes a motivator to learn more.
  • Too many people told me that they couldn’t share what they were working on.  This makes sense for the organization, but not for you.  Don’t allow their content to make your skills proprietary, as well.  In the same sense, don’t let their lower expectations define your skills. 
  • If you lose your job, you could be flushing a lot of your work down the drain.  One day you’re happy at work and the next you’re out on the street with no access to your projects or the tools used to build them.  For these reasons, it’s important to maintain a portfolio.
  • Do you have examples of different approaches to learning and course design.
  • If all things are equal, I’ll take someone with a strong sense of visual design because it crosses into other areas like engagement, communication, and usability.
  • Don’t show me 400 courses that all look the same.
  • They don’t need to be complete courses.
  • So for me there’s two types of writing: technical and conversational.
  • You don’t need to be a software engineer, but you should know the essence of the technologies and how they work. 
Donna Steffan

An e-portfolio Design Supporting Ownership, Social Learning, and Ease of Use. Journal o... - 5 views

This is a great article. In Wisconsin we are currently developing a plan for digital learning. E-Portfolios will play a pivitol role for documenting and evaluating student learning.

E-Portfolio tool practices online course design coursework social learning

Deborah Pace

E-Portfolio - 5 views

Garrett, N. (2011). An e-portfolio Design Supporting Ownership, Social Learning, and Ease of Use. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 14(1), 187-202. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. E-Portfoli...

E-Portfolio Design Social Networking

started by Deborah Pace on 26 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
Gary Bertoia

epcop_learnspace - 5 views

  • What, Why, How, Where, So What, Now What and Then What of creating and reflecting in Eportfolios
Dennis OConnor

Googlios - 6 views

  • Welcome to "Googlios" where free Google tools meet ePortfolios.   This site is intended to be a collection of resources for those interested in using ePortfolios in Education. 
Allison Bingham

DigitalArchive4Life - 3 views

    Structuring Electronic Portfolios for Lifelong and Life Wide Learning By Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D., Nathan Garrett
Lynette Russell

Online Portfolio Tools - 7 views

    This site is a reference for teachers wanting to have students create and maintain portfolios of their work in an electronic environment. The site author, Helen Barrett, has compiled a variety of web links for different aspects of e-portfolio design, with the aim of allowing the user to create e-portfolios using free resources on the web.
    I love it when someone has already done a lot of work for me - and this site is a good example. There are lots of links to tutorials and tools to help educators work with students on e-portfolio creation.
Dennis OConnor

Loren Rochester's E-Portfolio - 1 views

    Final E-Portfolio for UW--Stout Practicum. Completes E-Learning and Online Teaching Certificate requirements.
Dennis OConnor

Home - 1 views

    Candice Carlisle's Portfolio
Dennis OConnor

Surveying Education Links - devonvhs jimdo page! - 0 views

    Devon Vanden Heuvel's E-Portfolio
Dennis OConnor

Gregory Rien -- Just For Fun - 2 views

    Gregory Rien's E-Portfolio
Dennis OConnor

Jeff Grunewald -- Welcome! - 2 views

    Jeff's e-portfolio website
Dennis OConnor

Home - jennifersteucks jimdo page! - 1 views

    Jennifer Steuck's e-portfolio
Dennis OConnor

Home - cre8ivedesigner2s jimdo page! - 1 views

    Shelly David e-portfolio
Dennis OConnor

Home - whalensls jimdo page! - 0 views

    Stacey Whalen E-Portfolio
Dennis OConnor

Biography - tomks jimdo page! - 1 views

    Tom Kenton e-portfolio
Dennis OConnor

Lee and associates home - 1 views

    Shelley Lee E-portfolio
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